“Be the Transformer

Practise Silence

Meditation deepens your listening

Be aware of Our Presence at all time

Yield more. Battle less.

In the silence of dawn

your spirit soars to the Sun.

Be prepared for the task ahead.

With your Love as your Light,

your acts of Will have weight.

Reveal the glory of God in the hour of thirst.

Raise your consciousness to our OM.

Be the sound we want to hear.

Your time has come to express Our Will

as our Steeds of Fire are facing the East.

Do not lure the Past, its pastures have weeds.

The fields of the future have flowers.

Hurry to cleanse your robes.

Cultivate Truth.

Remember: “sacrifice is first of all a possibility” 

said our Brother Morya.

We give possibilities. 

Learn about sacrifice the way the world sacrifices itself.

Heighten your gaze!

Blow the Cosmic Rays of Love.

Raise your swords of Light 

to the Glory of the Lord Christ!

to the Glory of the Lord Buddha!

The unlimited possibilities of our Care

will illuminate your path.

Dare to act. Dare to love the unlovable.

Dare to stand for Truth.

There are battles and battles.

Discriminate the one you want to win!

Then, the mantle of Peace shall fall on your shoulders.


May the ineffable thoughts of our Heart inspire you!




Comm. from Master K.H. and Master D.K.
– A message for all initiates.