The subject of the chakras, kuṇḍalinī and the raising of energies has become a popular interest of people in our present day. The promise of enlightenment, visions sublime and ecstatic union are often given without due warning to the consequences of desiring such things for ones self.

The entire story of Creation,  of evolution, and the meditative unfoldment of a person (or a Logos) lies hidden in the chakras and their unfolding. Spiritual seekers should be warned that such information is often veiled and therefore purposely misleading, contradictory, or else cursorily treated, because of the potential dangers awaiting the unwise in their premature attempts to awaken this force. This is because kuṇḍalinī in its most material aspect will burn and destroy the form or wreak havoc upon the psychic constitution of the person who has not developed the wisdom, or the moral and psychic purity to rightly direct it. Whatever subtle, uncontrolled desire, or base quality exists in a person will be exacerbated distorted and enflamed by the energies awakening.

In this talk given by Bodo Balsys in Kalimpong India the consequences of premature awakening of the chakras and important details are discussed.