A Warning Regarding the Chakras and Energy

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A Warning Regarding the Chakras and Energy

The subject of the chakras, kuṇḍalinī and the raising of energies has become a popular interest of people in our present day. The promise of enlightenment, visions sublime and ecstatic union are often given without due warning to the consequences of desiring such things for ones self.

The entire story of Creation,  of evolution, and the meditative unfoldment of a person (or a Logos) lies hidden in the chakras and their unfolding. Spiritual seekers should be warned that such information is often veiled and therefore purposely misleading, contradictory, or else cursorily treated, because of the potential dangers awaiting the unwise in their premature attempts to awaken this force. This is because kuṇḍalinī in its most material aspect will burn and destroy the form or wreak havoc upon the psychic constitution of the person who has not developed the wisdom, or the moral and psychic purity to rightly direct it. Whatever subtle, uncontrolled desire, or base quality exists in a person will be exacerbated distorted and enflamed by the energies awakening.

In this talk given by Bodo Balsys in Kalimpong India the consequences of premature awakening of the chakras and important details are discussed.

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  1. ndubuisi 07/09/2012 at 1:46 pm

    God bless this writter.i see the need to keep this whole knowledge of the kundalini covert

  2. David Steel 03/10/2012 at 12:18 am

    This is a very timely teaching. There is a huge amount of nonsense and glamour spoken and written around “raising the Kundalini” and the Chakras. This is the first time I have heard Bodo Balsys speak. As a practising Buddhist and long time student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings I can assure you he knows what he talking about!

  3. sangha 03/10/2012 at 9:23 am

    Thanks David, as someone with Ageless Wisdom and Buddhist experience you are certainly in a great position to understand these teachings from the correct perspective. Stay tuned, we are hoping to release some more videos soon!

  4. sangha 20/05/2015 at 1:13 pm

    This is a response to a comment from our you tube channel that has this video on it. The response is included here as it provides further information on the topic.

    I integrate a line of Western esoteric philosophy and Buddhist philosophy with the aim of revealing the esoteric in Buddhism and to fix deficiencies in the exoteric logic of that religion. The focus is naturally upon Buddhist Tantricism. It is a complex and vast undertaking, as any that have read the series of books that I am writing, entitled ‘A Treatise on Mind’ can testify. The most detailed factual exposé of the presently existing philosophy is found in volumes 4 and 5 of that series. Much has been veiled and purposefully obfuscated by Hindu and Buddhist authors on the chakras, as well as the esotericism found in their Tantric texts for a sound reason, because of the dangers associated with the premature awakening of kuṇḍalinī and because the karma falls also upon the teacher, if he/she has instructed a student who earnestly follows the instructions and serious problems arise. The enlightened are not interested in the karma of making black magicians out of the foolish. Thus it is said that ‘kuṇḍalinī destroys the foolish and liberates the wise’.

    Similarly with texts based upon the Kabbalah. However, the magical rites, invocations and visualisations from that source often lead to the left hand path (black magic), as epitomised by Crowley with his infamous dictum ‘Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law’; the opposite of the white path, where the gaining of wisdom through love, makes one compassionately subservient to the all. This is not the space to debate the foibles of a great deal of Kabbalistic practice, as it can certainly be a path to light. Much depends upon one’s true subjective motive. If the motive is self-centred, egotistic, desirous, or manipulative—therein you find the greatest dangers, to which the warnings in the video apply. Being too ambitious, too foolish, too eager to develop powers can produce much internal psychic and psychological trouble. Enlightenment is never gained this way.

    That ‘God’ may not ‘punish the misunderstandings of diagrams’, as Jared Rapp states but the law of karma manifests unerringly, making one reap according to what has been sown (Galatians 6:7). It may be true that not everyone seeks psychic powers when seeking to ‘raise kuṇḍalinī’. Many avow other motives, such as ‘seeking enlightenment’; however forcing techniques are dangerous, and ignorance or foolishness in practice will not safeguard people for the possible consequences of evoking this internal Fire. Fortunately the teachings in the texts are generally so garbled and veiled that working via them will produce much wasted time. Working from the ‘root to the head chakra’ will do little good, if valid teachings to work from are absent, though psychic experiences may ensue. Inevitably the only chakras being stimulated are those below the diaphragm because of the basic mental-emotions and desires of most practitioners. (The Heart centre is the safest chakra to work with, if compassionate action is the main motivation.)

    The subject is far vaster than practitioners imagine, and if anyone wishes a proper foundation in comprehension I suggest reading my book ‘An Esoteric Exposition of the Bardo Thödol’ (The Tibetan Book of the Dead). Therein the reader will learn the nature of the 117 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities in that Tantra, and how they relate to the petals of the various chakras, and of their awakening, to produce the enlightenment espoused by Buddhism. Any reader of that book will understand the complexity of the subject, and comprehend the difference between the minor siddhis (psychic powers) and the higher enlightened perceptions. Some extracts from my books. The meaning of the Sanskrit terms are explained in the Sanskrit glossary in our website: https://universaldharma.com/resources-2/esoteric-glossary/

    “When the finer perceptions (siddhis) are awakened by a highly accomplished yogin, the iḍā and piṇgalā naḍīs that cross over through the maṇipūra chakra must bear their share of the Fiery kuṇḍalinī energy that is liberated from the Base of the Spine centre. However all of the naḍīs in the system will have been sufficiently lined with the blue of Love-Wisdom to safely convey the Fire. This allows the Fiery-Airy iḍā and piṇgalā naḍīs of the maṇipūra to be able to channel Earthy-Aetheric prāṇas from the Sacral centre that have been intensified with Fire without dangerous psychic perversion or physiological problems. (Energy follows the line of least resistance and kuṇḍalinī will burn a path in the naḍīs accordingly, unless they have been prepared for its release.) The Fiery prāṇa from the Throat centre and the bodhicitta from the Heart centre admix with kuṇḍalinī in the Solar Plexus and Sacral centres, then flow to the minor chakras, fully awakening the potencies they veil. These potencies are the higher correspondences of animal-like sentience…

    The pentad of prāṇas rightly controlled and directed towards the Splenic centre concerns the projection of Fire-Airy prāṇas into the Inner Round of minor chakras, allowing yogic control of the nāḍī system. This control necessitates the generation of the psychic heat of the system (Tum mo). This Fire burns up the remaining defilements in the nāḍīs (with the first stage of the liberation of kuṇḍalinī) and provides the warmth needed by yogins to sustain their activities in cold climates…

    When the dhyāna of the yogin awakens kuṇḍalinī then the Aetheric petals have been activated, allowing the Fiery kuṇḍalinī unimpeded passage through the nāḍīs to control all attributes of the form, and the siddhis can awaken because the sewer-like activities of the Splenic centres have by then been thoroughly cleansed of their prāṇic dross. Here, in the yogic control of the Splenic centre’s activities, in the purification and transformation of saṃskāras, lies the key to the entire liberation process, as will be detailed in volume 5. No centre however acts alone, all are interrelated…

    This Fire must be generated if the qualities of the central deity of the maṇḍala in question is to be enthroned. Kuṇḍalinī is the potency that awakens all of the attributes of the maṇḍala through the central deity. Here then is the rationale to the information presented in this volume. The mechanism of the awakening of kuṇḍalinī lies at the heart of the liberation process and gaining enlightenment. The ‘Skilful means for Training Malicious Beings’ refers to the transformation of all negative forces from the Base of Spine centre to the Head lotus, including that of external demonic or malicious psychic entities that try to prevent the engendering of enlightenment. Siddhis are therefore utilised to ward off and to convert all such extraneous forces. “

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