The Mantra:

 We, with Uriel, do hereby vow:

To bring light where there is darkness.
To bring Love unto the love-less.
To carry out the karmic Plan of earth.
To reduce the ‘wants’ of humanity,
     And to nourish their needs
     That they too may climb
     The mountainous path.
To sing the joyous songs of harmony.
To enlighten the clear blue land.
To feed those who starve of Light supernal.

This is my oath to the children of the earth.
Flower and grow!

This mantra aims to help bring in the qualities of the New Age, of certain aphorisms or statements that if seriously evoked will help the disciple to achieve the purpose implied by the seven major Ray statements given below.

It is titled Uriel’s Vow because one of the major objectives of those planning this new epoch is the conscious integration between the deva and human kingdoms. First, of course, must come the revelation as to the existence of the angelic (deva) kingdom and of the way that they work with humanity. Uriel is one of the great Raja Lords (Archangels) governing the multidimensional substance of all that is, and into which our Spirit-Soul-personalities have incarnated, and must utilise as a mode or means for gaining evolutionary experiences.

The devas/angels are the agents of karma, disseminating karmic law to the sum of manifest space, as each of the planes (or dimensions) of perception is presided over by a deva Lord. Their substance is effected by the weaving together of karmic streams of force. Primordial karma emanates from the plane ātma, the domain of the Great Mother (the Mother of the World), the feminine prototype of all devas. From her Womb all that we know and view as ‘real’ come to be. Thus all deva lives within our planetary Scheme, from the greatest Archangel to the minutest fairy, brownie or pixie, or other elemental life, can be considered aspects of her form, even the substance of the human form, as well as all terrestrial life. They are a parallel stream of evolution alongside humanity, embodying the formed side of things, whereas we embody the qualities of the conscious will that must eventually learn to organise that substance with Love.

There are seven major Archangels in esoteric philosophy, and are termed in the Hebrew/Christian terminology:

RaphaelMentalFireGold / Orange
GabrielAstralWaterRose / Sky Blue

It should be noted that Uriel governs the substance that clothes our most fundamental Spiritual Self (Monad), when the human unit is considered as an integral unity of Spirit (Monad) – Soul – Personality. Our Souls are found upon the higher, archetypal realms of the Mind (the higher mental plane) and they reflect the qualities of the Monad into concrete space via the human personality. As the mental plane is dual, the associated Archangels can be considered thus:

Galadiel                  Abstract Mind                            White

Raphael                  Son of Mind (Soul                     Golden

Rivendiel                Concrete mind                           Orange

Uriel finds his most basic (concreted expression) upon the etheric substratum of the physical plane (our vital energy body, wherein exist the chakras) and his purpose is also found in the grouping of devas most likely to be first contacted and worked with by humanity in the New Age, the devas of the shadows. The unfolding Aquarian age will allow a closer interrelation between the human and deva kingdoms, and indeed, this interrelation is deemed essential. Continuous refinement of the bodily nature and aura, and the sensitisation of the physical eye, through adaptation of a vegetarian diet and refined aesthetic meditative lifestyles by the many, will make this contact possible.

These devas will come to the fore in the field of healing, as healers will consciously begin to work under their guidance, thus performing seeming miracles that will make pharmaceuticals mostly obsolete. Indeed, this present era of palliative medicine will in time become viewed as a ‘dark age’. Therefore the field of healing will be revolutionised, by presenting saner healing styles that work cooperatively with the laws and forces constituting Nature, of which present alternative medicine is the forerunner. This will obviously not happen without a fight by the present materialistically minded medical practitioners who have forcefully asserted their opinions upon all our modern societies, with the assistance of the mass media and the legislative bodies of the world.

The devas of the shadows are the builders of the etheric bodies of all sentient existences, are transmitters of prāṇa, and build between each kingdom in Nature (mineral, plant, animal and human) the correspondences to the antaḥkaraṇa (consciousness link, the bridge linking the higher and lower minds), which is therefore the channel for the transmission of the energies of life from out of a lower kingdom into a higher one. These devas actually consist of every colour, but their prevailing hue is violet, dark purple upon the fourth ether, violet upon the third ether, light violet upon the second, and translucent lavender upon the first ether.

The seven Ray lines to the mantra

The seven major statements to this mantra express the seven Rays:

Ray VII of Ceremonial Magicto bring Light to where there is darkness. The word ‘darkness’ refers to the material realms, the planes of illusion, and specifically to ignorance, that which identifies with illusional transient phenomena, taking it to be real. Esoterically, this light is ceremoniously (i.e., cyclically) projected into the realms of form to illuminate and eliminate this darkness. Those upon this Ray line work with the cycles of life, with the sum of the Rays of Light, that are projected from the realms of Deity, and which have their basis in stellar movements. The method employed necessitates ritual, if the devic life embodying all that is are to be contacted and consciously worked with in a cooperative manner. The light thereby can transform the realms of darkness upon the subjective domains.

Ray VI of Devotion—to bring love unto the love-less. Essentially this is the purpose of organised religions to produce. They aim to feed the masses (who are essentially materialistic) with devotion to noble ideals and causes, to lead them ultimately to the Lord of all life via the process of identifying with, or following the example of, intermediaries, the Gods (or devas), the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, etc., so well espoused by all the world’s religions, past and present.

Ray V of Scientific Aptitude—to carry out the karmic plan of earth. Karma is the effect of the utilisation of the mind is order to manipulate or modify substance (phenomena), or to act upon material forms in some way according to the wilful disposition of the person concerned. It necessitates conscious volitions. If the action is subliminal, without the use of the thought process in any way then individual karma is not involved, however group karma of some type may manifest. Those involved with carrying out the karmic plan on earth are the self-conscious individuals that have mastered their own proclivity to actions and can consciously control their affairs with scientific precision, aimed at cleansing some aspect of the world’s karmic morass, in accordance with the Plan set by the Hierarchy of Love for the good of all. It necessitates the right use of the mind (thus an aspect of the fifth Ray, which rules the mind) in accordance with directive from the Heart of Life, if new karma is not to be engendered.

Ray IV of Harmony overcoming strife—to reduce the ‘wants’ of humanity and to nourish their ‘needs’, that others may climb the mountainous path. This Ray rules the activities of humanity in general, therefore those who are to work along this line are concerned with the general needs of people everywhere within the social context, to properly rectify wrongful social mores, and to thus equip them to be able to walk the long arduous path to enlightenment by passing the testings barring their way to Initiation into the mysteries of being/non-being. People’s aggressive activities, critical mindedness, and selfish concerns must be converted to compassionate activity if this path is to be trod.

Ray III of enlightening Mathematically exact Activity—to sing the joyous songs of Harmony. This activity concerns working within the Mother of the Word’s department, with the green energy that rules all of Nature, and thus is specifically related to the deva kingdom, from whence these ‘joyous songs’ of harmony emanate. They are mantric sounds that condition all that is. This is the way of the feminine, of the ability to nurture and help the evolutionary growth towards light, happiness and prosperity of all within the Womb of Mother Nature.

Ray II of Love-Wisdom—to enlighten the clear blue land. Deep indigo blue is the colour of this Ray, manifesting from the realms of reality, and seen in the Heart’s Mind when in meditation. It is the colour of the energy that inspires all mystics and sages to work strenuously to enlighten all within out earth (‘the clear blue land’). They wisely manifest the way of Love instead of the separative, selfish and mean-spirited manner that the myriads present act. (Producing the evils we see all around us.) The objective here is to help all to enter the portals of the Hierarchy of enlightened Being, to work consciously with them and their Plan for human salvation, so that the planetary malaise can be destroyed, making our earth truly blue inwardly (astrally) and not just exoterically when viewing the body of waters upon it.

Ray I of Will or Power—to feed all those who starve of the light supernal. Light supernal is the direct energy from Deity, from the highest cosmic sources. It is the role of those working with this, the most exalted of the Rays, to work directly with intense energy and to channel their potency to the sum of the planetary etheric web (the nāḍī system) and astral body in order to cleanse the greyish and murky arenas of sickness and disease off our planet. They directly ‘wash’ with Light and nourish the needy with that which is needed for healthy and vital spiritual Life. The sum of the forces of evil (the Dark Briotherhood) are assailed by this means and eventually vanquished.


The ending phrase ‘flower and grow’ refers to the way the plant kingdom grows towards Light (which the disciple mimics on his/her journey to enlightenment) from out of the murky soil of saṃsāric existence (everyday living). Esoterically, we also have the concept of the awakening, unfolding chakras (which are subjective flowers), wherein spiritual power can be wrought by the meditative person. There are seven major chakras in the human body, and 22 minor ones, which are but reflections of chakras external to the system, e.g., in the earth itself, and the chakras are linked by conduits channelling prāṇas termed nāḍīs. Chakras are means of transcendence, doorways to the higher spiritual realms (dimensions of perception), and thus of the ability to see and consciously work with the deva kingdom, and the enlightened beings we call the Hierarchy. Assisted by Hierarchy one can ‘flower and grow’ in spiritual being through the instructions they provide concerning the rightful awakening of the chakras.