1. Untitled

He looks at me with eyes of wine,
He beckons me to look into the holy vestiges of time.
I am drawn to Him, this Love of mine.
This resplendent Angel-Man, Christ.
Christ, the Eternal Lover.
He beckons me to search Him out,
With lightning, thunder, and might,
to draw him out of every being
that reaches out to touch my robe,
my robe, colours, and sounds of living Light.

He instructs me to take my brother’s hand,
And lead him into the holy vestiges of time.
But only through the fourth sphere
can he be led into this Holy of Holies,
Only after his heart has bled,
then and only then I can wear this robe of red.

He faces me again, His eyes divine
He beckons me to eternally gaze into His eyes,
And through His eyes into the heart of humanity.


2. The seven Ray Keys to liberated Life

Keys to the Will                            First Ray Keys
Keys of the Heart                         Second Ray Keys
Keys born of Light                       Third Ray Keys
Keys to the Flight.                       Fourth Ray Keys
Keys of the Mind                         Fifth Ray Keys
Keys that shine                            Sixth Ray Keys
Keys to the Lock of all time       Seventh Ray Keys

Gather the Keys make them ring.
Hinder the hordes that the dark Lords will bring.
Dance in the Flame.
Dance in your shame.
Dance in the cold Blue Flame again.


3. Untitled

Dear One.
There is naught that cannot be overcome.
There is naught that must be retained.
All that you perceive as being of yourself has already
been surrendered.
That day long belongs to the past.
Forward looking Eyes may receive the Vision.
Only these Eyes may truly see.
Expel the backward glances from your sphere,
for Light is the eternal future of the Now.
Who can walk tomorrow’s Road, but he who knows himself in Glory.
We wait your further steps.


4. Untitled

In Darkness beats the eagle’s wing over sleeping fields.
The seeds are sown, the harvest reaped when day light
again shines over the nurtured Earth.
Warriors! Cultivate each your fields!
We hasten you to awaken from your sleep and tend
to those seeds planted in past cycles.
Gestation ends and birth is at hand.
Tarry not with earthly concerns, yet dig your hands
into the earth…
There comes ONE to Guide.
Prepare for birth, that the wings of Light
may soar no more in darkness.

Your Brother of Old.


5. Untitled

Focus your heart to the wind.
Let it carry you to the bounds of magnitudinous splendour.
There, you must go before you err back with arms outstretched.
Ready to stand, shield, teach,
and behold that I am THAT.


6. The Question of Perfect Health

Align yourself with the trident
and there is perfect health.
Align yourself with the Sun, Neptune, and Uranus
and there is perfect health.
Neptune is the home of the Seers.
This Creative Hierarchy heals the ills
in the body of the Waters of the Solar Logos.
See with the Eye of the Seers of Neptune
and there is perfect health.
Neptune is the key.
Hear the Music of its celestial choir.
The Sound moves with the key of 2.4.6.
The tonal quality is indeed exquisitely sublime.
All at once the milliard Deva lives move to rearrange
themselves into perfect harmonic form –
and there is perfect health.
The trident within yourselves needs constant care,
tune it with reverence on High.
And the Seers of Neptune will fill your
being with Ambrosia Supreme.
A straight line followed by conjunction –
and there is perfect health.


7. Untitled

Dear One, the Glory shines on faces of old.
Lift up thine Eyes unto the stars
whence cometh from afar
A One of Radiant Stature.
Thrice rings the Bell.
Thrice extinguished the Flame.
Thrice death comes upon all of you.
That the sky may clear
of misty clouds that deceive.
The ready Ram.
The descent of gold
from the One of Ancient Breath
comes first to One
then to three
then to twelve.
Then becomes the Living Blood of the other One
of which these are Father, Mother, Son.

Pry loose the Sword from the rotting corpse
and stand as One who lives.
Let death become Life.
The trumpet Sounds its note.
Go forth in pairs
But walk as one.


8. Untitled

Manifest the Right.
Allow for the Light
to take the Flight.
Acquiesce to the Love that now surrounds you.
Sacrifice of the self is really an illusion.
All sacrifice together to produce the fusion.
Repose and gather the Wisdom of our Lord.
The vehicles for use need stabilisation of the flow,
allowing thee to grow and glow.
Remember time is an illusion.
All groaneth and prevaileth in pain together.
True Heart thee must use.

Courage my Son.


9. Untitled

Hark, the Herald Angels sing.
Christ the new born child is born.
Unto you is come the King.
Rise and greet a new gold morn.
Love, the Energy of the Lord,
will come to you a flaming Sword.
Joy dear brothers, rise and sing,
sing for our new born King.
Love, it makes the world go round,
round and round and round we go with the Sound.
Joy for the new born King.
Joy for all those who sing.

Love life dear brothers, joy unto you all,
for joyous is the time when born is the King. Now.

With Joy….the Hierarchy.


10. Untitled

Fellows of old,

Ye ask to be shown the way.
But have you really sacrificed that which ye desire?

Ye ask to be given the Eye.
But have you really lived in the dawn of the morning Sun?

Ye ask to be freed from the path.
But have you really breathed the everlasting breath?

Ye ask to be given Light.
But have you really awakened from the darkness of day?

Ye ask to be given Love.
But have you really ‘been’ of the blessedness of Life?

Ye ask to be released from evil.
But have you really dwelled through that which is to be?

Ye ask to be shown the Way.
Reveal. Remember. Repel. Release.

Behold, the Lord of Sacrifice descends.
Prepare yourselves, be ready indeed.

These phrases are concerned with the making of a Christ. Each stanza deals with the sacrifice made, from the first to the higher Initiations, and are also related to the seven subrays of the second Ray, and thus also of the types of testings that will confront humanity during this oncoming first and second Ray cycle.