101. Untitled

Beware, the light of the dove descends.
But first it must thread together the holes of time
that were made by the sea of nothingness and illusion.
All poisons must be eliminated from the vehicles of imperfection.
The karma of the poisons must be tasted,
but it will not be sweet.
Your past, your present, now comes to attack.
The future must not be fed with the poisons of the past.
Reveal the Truth. Light the flame with Truth.
Deal with the dark brotherhood with Truth.
It is your best and only weapon.
Truth is Light, and Love, and God.

Deal with your state of Livingness. Now!


102.The Antaḥkaraṇa

With it I become nothing…
Without it I am bounded by the corners of my being…
Oh bridge! Oh bridge! Oh bridge!
Link me to the higher ground
that is fertile with the spheres of essence,
the sacred oil of Life that enriches and soothes
the tired brow of many a weary traveller.

You dare to impose an obstacle.
You suggest an impossible structural model.
A frame not yet built,
A concept not yet touched!
Ah! But the architect is ever so creative.
It is built by the very fabric of my livingness,
the beating Heart.
By the ceaseless assistance of my gracious
compassionate Companion,
the Mother of the World.
By the aid of that which I seek to reach –
the spheres of essence –
the sacred oil of Life.

This then, is the antaḥkaraṇa, the bridge that is my self.


103. Untitled

Sing ye my song.
For I am unto ye what ye shall be unto all men.
My love cannot wait within its confining Pearly Gates.
Open to me your bodies (rapidly becoming of Light).
I shall make you masters of men.
I shall make you bodies of Holy Light.
For I am the One who serves the Lord.
His Lady in waiting.
His Body Logoic.
His Body manifest.
Many know me by many names.
Simply call me Mother and I shall
sing you all your Names.
Your little bodies, they are really of mine.
so give unto me that which is truly mine.
Love me in Heart, as I Love you.
I am the white of her dark,
and I love her too.
But a Mother loves her own children first –
You are my first born, come back to me.
My Love unto you all.
My own dear, sweet children.

Your most Holy Mother,
Mother and Lover of God in Heaven.
(The Mother of the World.)


104. Dear Brothers

Behold the Christ is to be born, hearken ye – the herald Angels are singing. Dear Brothers of the Seventh, Dear Brothers of the Might, Dear Brothers of the Second and the Right.
Call ye the Angels, they await to adopt your forms.
The karma of the past, aeonic past is upon ye.
Black nor white is it not, but simply crocodiles of an age come and gone before the last. The Lords of Light, we help you in this task, for it is for us to dissolve the dust, the rights and wrongs done in the long dead past.
Give us your hands, we extend you ours. See us stand truly as one to prevent our work from coming undone.
Take heart dear Brothers, the Watcher on High meets again His Dweller from yet another time gone past.
Unto you is born the King of Kings, but before we say: ‘long live the King’ we must say: ‘the king is dead’. Bury him well, he arises weary from a golden age gone past.
You are no longer of mortal men, welcome to the Kingdom of Light. You have come home little ones and/or dear Brothers, the Dweller King stands before you at the Door.

With Light and Love and Strength.
The Hierarchy through K.H.


105. Untitled

I am the One who stands with skulls by my feet.
See the blood flow from my many wounds
dripping onto my feet.
Come stand by me in the Light of ten thousand Suns.
As your Soul I take in my hands and squeeze till it bleeds
away into the grains of sand pouring from my hands.
I am the One who you must pass by on your chosen path.
my name is death and destruction
and you I will meet and let pass.

The Manu.


106. Untitled

Be, still the racing hound of mind.
The message comes from above and beyond your time.
Comes swift and sweet from the lips of a dove.
The Christ, the chosen one has come.
His Glory fills the night with Light.
The radiant son of day has come to brighten lightest day.

His Power it descends on you.
The ramrod of His strength is due.
The fire bright that never sees the light.
Comes bursting through.
And through the narrow way comes the One to show delight.
O radiant son of day come meet the night.
The Christ, the chosen One, has come today.
His lips do speak the Words of Power
that raises you on your Throne of Golgotha.
The Power, the Light, the Way, that destroys your
every mortal flower.
The Christ, the chosen One of Power, has come your way today.

Sit by His feet and wash them clean
with the tears you shed for all that lives and breathes
and moans with fear, not knowing the way,
lost in the dark maze that only such a one as you
has found his freedom from.
And having found your way you turn and call into the
darkness, you send your living light.
Hearken ye, hear the call the One has come.

The Christ, the Manu, the Mahāchohan send you these tidings.

Tarry not on the way of Love.
Open hearts, open minds, open faces that hide not in sorrow or shame.
Come sing the song that Martyrs make into a wedding feast.

Live long, drink deep of the wellspring of time.
The seasons of the mind reveal all time to you.
See the future, open your eyes, its there to see for all of you.
How marvellous it grows into the strange shape and warp
and woof of undetermined time.
In the golden isle in the midst of space a place is set
for you at our wedding feast.
Raise your goblet in a toast and drink that red, red wine.
It mixes with your golden blood and blue fire escapes from your eyes.
Emblazoned in your glory a fit and proper place
in the wedding feast of Mary Queen of Lambs.
Be still, be gentle, graze on the sweet green grass of
heaven’s fields, and time stands still for you.

Peace. Peace. Peace. Be. Be. Be.

Hilarion and Hierarchy sing to you.


107. Untitled

He comes upon the midnight Sun.
The bright effulgent one.
Upon the cloud His golden Glory shines.
A holy Sun, a midnight Sun,
this cosmic One.
The Avatar of right.
His delight his golden joy
comes to you its home.
Its golden place under the Sun.

The bright effulgent One.
His golden steed pays no heed
to the baying of the black hounds of Hades
as He rides forth and smites the Sun.

Come gather round my children of the day.
Bright dawn it comes, the golden Day.
The cross you mount becomes a whirling swastika
as it takes you on your journey to the sun.
The blazing glory of the days to come
shines with no hidden glory through the days of hidden light.
Be bright, be joy, be one my Son.
Take your place in the hidden Mysteries now being
revealed for you and all to see.
2/1, 2/2, 2 all you be.
The glory of thy light floods the night with light.
The cosmic Avatar of Might delights in the scent of you.
The smell of mushrooms, the bloom of flowers,
the ocean tide and you naked in your dawn.

Come to me my little son and be warmed in my light.
Come to me and be one in might and light.
The path of the Avatar of Synthesis is yours to take.
The Glory road to heaven’s wide abyss.
Step lightly, tread your path.
To you all we send our peace.
The maṇipūra of your mind
speaks of this and that and listens not.
The path is set.
The way is wide. Heaven sent.
To you and all who pass this way.
Blessings, love, light, truth.
Find your way.
The boatman comes,
leads you on your journey through time.
Through tide. Through life.
Through timeless glades.
Your soul ablaze.
Burning with a fire that none can see.
Be light. Be right. Be might.
Be the one who comes tonight.
The third Christ in his tattered robes
waits by the ferry for the toll man’s bell.
The second Christ is crucified in Light.
The first Christ is honoured with a robe.
They all tell the story of man to the boatman
with whom they all sail.
Come on this journey with me.
We’ll all set sail on this ocean of Love to the Dog star.
Baying at the moon we leave on a racing tide.
You, me, all the ones we go.
We daren’t stay for to that which beckons no man can say nay.
The Mysteries of Space, of time, of Life all revealed.
To those who sail on this boat on the waters of Space
stand revealed as one who knows.

The Christ, the Manu, the Mahāchohan all set sail on this night.
The bell it tolls, the note carries them all away.

The ripple across time itself is felt.
And all who know, feel the power that this way comes.
Sleep well, dream well, the boat it comes.
The ferryman awaits and you will come.
Be one.


108. Untitled

What can I do to rattle your brain.
to break it to pieces, to build it up again,
reassembled in Love, to make it your Way,
for you to know what it is to be a hu-man,
then to be no-man on this new glorious Day?
Come, heed my call, help defend us all
in spheres of Light, sweet radiant delight.
Let go of yourselves. Be. Acquiesce to Love.
Come with me, follow my Path.
I will show you the White of the Dove,
the Halls of the One, of all His Domain.
The Great King Himself shall swallow you whole.
For you to become Nought
is His Great Command.
The Nought is the All.
It is my Way, your Love, His Day.
The Hierarchy stands, assisting All.
It bows down its Head.
Glory Be. The Christ is born.
We love you, Love is you on each and every Day.

Work!  My dear one of the Shambhalic sight.
Work!  Actively blaze forth your loving pain.
Work!  Slam shut all doors to saṃsāra’s domain.
Work!  To keep the ravenous dark ones at bay.
Work!  So that the Christ-child can grow and play.
Work!  So that humanity may live in Light.
Work!  So that humanity may be empowered with Love’s delight.
Work!  So that humanity may sail deep into the night.
Work!  Identify with humanity’s plight.
Work!  With your group brothers and sisters and all in Light.

For evil to be vanquished, work with us in might!
Work to destroy all frivolous pursuits of the mind.