11. Untitled

We stand in the Heart united as One.
Pointing our Swords from the Spiritual Sun.

Let Darkness dispel through Power of Light.
The past is released, the future our sight.

No shackles remain from eons, our past.
Light radiates forth to shatter what hast kept the heart imprisoned.

May petals unfold in glorious Light.
Do the Ones who guide Life on the Path give you Love?
Take the gift.
Take the Light.
Take the Life.

The heart reaches out to embrace all that is.
No more may the mind keep entwined that which is his.

In loving acquiescence we resolve
to strengthen our hearts.
No more may Darkness dwell in places of Light.
No hidden corner exists.

The abstract becomes the Real.
There is no other.

This is a mantra to be used when the heart petals are restricted and alienation from the group manifests.


12. A prayer

Dear Lord, our Christ and Saviour.
I most humbly beg of you your entrance into my heart.
Anoint me with the balm of Gilead.
Take me to the place of still waters.
Reside with me ever.
And I reside ever with you in my heart of hearts.


Fear not little one.
There is a movement in thy heart known only to me.
Rest not and tarry not within your mind.
Hearken unto me, that I might say:

‘Thou tremblest before me
with the Power of thy Lord God,
alone you enter and alone
you are accepted into the portal of the Lord
wherein you are the many and the one also.
Be still, know that I am within and without.
In all things I am thy (humanity’s) servant.’

My response:

And I am thine.

Give unto me of your Heart
and I will receive it and the Measure of its Worth.
Say unto me only that:

‘I am with you in all things
As you are within all things.
We are the same, you and I,
But only as the Great ‘I’ exists,
Do ‘i’ exist, in my lower turning wheel?
Oh! Saviour of most high,
above, below uniting in your Sight
I wait in darkness for your Light.’


13. Untitled

Unto us a Vision is born,
the return of the Christ one early morn.
Little by little the flame of the tree
descends to the Earth to be what it will be.
Sing a song of Highest praise
to all who have helped
in their myriad ways.
Praise not the self though,
praise not the ‘i’.
Praise only manifests.
To praise we must die.


14. Untitled

Be still my son.
Centre yourself in the Heart.
In the Heart of all hearts.
In the still centre where the waters flow not.
Understand the Voice that is not heard,
the song that is felt but not seen.


15. Untitled

I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountain of the Lord.
I will lift up mine eyes unto the pinnacle where He Sits.
I will walk in silence in the Ways of my Heart.
I will walk amongst my enemies with the gaze of Love ever in my eyes.
I will send out the note that is the key to my broken Heart.
I will send out the radiant love to will that Love to manifest to all.
This is my Will and thy Will which will be done.

Note that these phrases refer to the seven subray Keys of awakening the Heart to awaken the first Ray aspect, for prospective Initiates of the higher degrees. They relate to the Hierarchical Path, and start with the seventh subray method and end with the first.


16. Untitled

Look to the East, the Rider approaches.
Saddle yourselves, and prepare to be ridden.
Grab hold of life,
to be ridden like a Saracen’s knife
into the darkness to rent the veil.
The Light of God shines in your head
to illuminate for you the rocky path ahead.
Ride fast and make haste.
With Godspeed He’s coming
prepared to lay all to waste.


17. Untitled

Within your mind burns a fire so bright that it rings its sound into the heavens abound. Take it with both your hands and direct it at the base of the desert fires. With great sweeping motions made with the fire so bright destroy the arid fires alive with rite. In might do not seek out the burning bush of Abraham. Seek out the burning bush that resides at an altitude beyond your sight. Do not be discouraged by the apparent heaviness of mind that seeks to engulf you and drown you in the voices of Herod. There is a way out dear sister of old. There is a sacred door amidst this entanglement of sorts. Simply open it. Enter and I will be waiting for you at the other side. But remember, I am always on this side also, walking every step of the way with you. My heart is extended to you and goes out to you eternally. My Mind and yours is the One Mind in God. D.K.


18. To a disciple

Your role my son, is to help the others as they pass through each cycle of cleansing. Love is of paramount importance in this process. Only through love may change be effected. The power of love is truly great beyond all others. Know this for truth and know that your current feeling of worthlessness is only an idle conceit of the mind. Your task is not to question your own strengths, but to truly live them, giving hope and Light to others as they walk their own stony paths. Dwell not in your mind. You are a true son of the Christ, know that his way is your way, and struggle as you might there is no denying this. Remember that true healing and bringing into light of that which is of darkness is effected by the love of others and not by the force of will.
Be a light unto others.
Be a light unto the world.
Be a light unto yourself.


19. Untitled

The boat is forged.
Cast aside the nets.
Pull up anchor,
and stand at the helm,
and guide your ship to the Light.
The route to follow is cast like a dye.
Straight upon the way.
Acquiesce to love.


20. Untitled

The first Ray will open up many divisions in nations, in people, between species and land masses. The healing power of Truth will destroy that which is unclean (and) preserve that which is of the Light.
Deep will be the power of this time, the Earth’s crust will crack and spew forth lives formerly hidden from the face of man. That upon which he shall look will amaze, astound and terrify.
The Veils will crack asunder, the astral plane split its seams, and all manner of life will be born to be cleansed.
Unto this epoch is given the name Cancer. For from it all new forms shall be born. Accept this truth and prepare ye the way for the coming of the Lord whose tongue is a flaming Spear with which He strikes Love in the hearts of men.
With Light and Love and Power.

Filled with the Voidness I come.
I am the Avatar of the White and Golden Light.
The Name is Sounded and I come forth to do battle.
O ye of little faith tremble at the white blaze of Truth
which marks the coming of the Lord,
whose servant I am and will be forever more!
Unto all the ages of men. Amen.