Communications 21-30

///Communications 21-30

Communications 21-30

21. Untitled

Beware little ones, tarry not,
lest the energy disperse before it begins.
The evolution of the spheres of activity
is slow whilst the motion of the Rays activates
the enlightenment consciousness.
From above, but a second of time has not
even yet passed, and all is revealed.
In the worlds of the spheres the degree of
enlightenment dictates the sensation of time.
(Time is one of the seven senses – an esoteric truth.)
Think not, be not.
Allow the sensation of time to develop the lower (or animal) senses so
the wisdom of the higher senses may descend.
Time within the spheres awaits.
Much joy, much Revelation, Much Love.


22. A communication concerning Varuna

Substance revolves around the form – the rings of Saturn. The process of evolution therefore revolves around the substance.(This becomes the cycles of time.) Evolution is but the seed of consciousness growing to a flower, then a tree. For life to develop, substance becomes the seed of consciousness. The sphere of activity of life is thus the substance. This is the story of consciousness.
Ponder on this. There is much to awaken.

Varuna resounds within thee.
Listen to the sound.
Life awakens.
Loving Sound.


23. From Varuna

Under the wings of the Bird in the sky,
your love grows in warmth with the Heart of the One
we in the West call God.
Lord Sanat Kumāra watches you all.
His Gaze fixed intently on the jewel of the crown,
the one who stand tallest amongst you,
the great Lord we call …..
Before and between us He bows down His Head,
to lift you all up, to raise you from the dead.
Lord Sanat Kumāra, the Watcher on High,
He asks of your Hearts to be pure and strong,
to stand sure in the Love of the Christ,
His own dear Son, with whom He is well pleased.
Unto you all I give thee a trident staff,
to sound out my song, to protect you from your past.
First sound it with Love, then with will and intent,
then combine the two together and sound out the third.
When Christ calmed the waters, He ruled with the sword,
take it up now and strike a deadly chord.
The Black One knows more of Light and Love.
He sends forth His emissaries to learn more of you.
On their black horses cold, they prepare to descend on you.
Sagittarius and Leo, Taurus, and the Goat.
Three signs to beware of, the fourth to sound out His black Note.
My tridents you all have. See them and believe them.
Hold them together and see your umbrella grow.
The horses hate water, the Riders know fear.
Stand in my Love to show them you’re strong.
My Love I leave you, through the agency of the Christ.
My wishes I bid you, that you may cut like a knife.
Unto all men you shall be born.


24. A communication concerning the ‘Judgement Day’ of humanity, from the Lord of the Earth

My Eyes are willingly focused in Service.
My hands are pouring forth the Love for all.
My Heart is open to those who Know
and my Feet tread the ground on those who can follow.
Out of my Mouth shall stream forth the Deva army whose Voices (Swords) may be heard in all corners of manifestation.
From my Ears shall be sent the Devas whose Songs shall permeate all time, and out of my Nose shall the sweet scent of the Deva flowers permeate all Space.

I greet you with open arms.
I greet you all at Shambhala.
The diamond studded cross is your recipient.
The events are now determined.
The Sirian Lords have decreed.
The Earth must be saved at great cost.
The Dog star rules this Universe, from there I came.
The spheres are fluid, but fire is omnipotent.
Roar out the song of the One who saw in the garden of Gethsemane.
Your time becomes our space.

There comes a wave of cyclic time.
Cyclic as the action of the sea.
Wave of Life and Wave of Death.
No difference in tidal action of this sea.
Out-Breathing, then In-Breathing of the Sea.
O Magic Wave.
Wash over the plagued Humanity,
cleansing vile substance into your flowing Universality.
Prepare, O trident bearers, for the cyclic motion to manifest.
Long awaited moments of brief Duration in My Life
are for you Lifetimes of Trials.
The Sea of Life I offer you with reverence,
each wave a ripple of activity manifests from My
beating Heart at Ocean’s depth.
Focus not on the wave-event, but My continuous motion.
Even as the wave crashes onto the rocky shore,
so is there trauma, but understand that each drop
is again reabsorbed into My substance,
the greater Waters of Life.

Out of great wisdom comes Silence.
Out of the mouth of the pit comes great Light.
Out of exhaustion comes repletion.
Out of thought comes nothing. (No thought.)
Out of the waters of chaos comes the firmament.
Build the Ark of the Father on the rock of true Faith.
Give yourself over to that impelling force that must BE.
Where fear is not, you are.
Divine the connection between mind and Mind.
In Days of great stillness the Eye is opened.
Go now forth and multiply.

Sons of the 2/1
Sons of the 1/2
Sons of All.
For I am the Voice of the 7.
Let order be the keynote of your days,
Let ritual shape and make your lives.
You are all the children of……
and he is my Son of the 7th.
He is my Grand Master of Ritual.
Through him come all things to you.
Bow down to him and let that be your ritual.
What am I saying?
What do I say?
You do not, any of you, yet comprehend
what it is, the No. 7.
The Power that is this Earthly terrain.
This Power that is the Body of all things manifest.
The Devas know, for they sing My Song.
Yet you comprehend not.
Let the 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, Oṁ rule your Being.
Make order of your days.
Make ritual of your lives.
And give to others that which they require
– the beat, the count, the rhythm, that which will march
their days to the Lord above All.
Please stop and consider now what it is the 7, 7, 7.
What does it mean to be a Bear?
Oṁ.      Oṁ.      Oṁ.

Oṁ.      Oṁ.


S.K. – the Ancient Mind of all the world.

‘The Wave-event to manifest refers to those global happenings that will leave no doubt in Humanity’s mind that the ‘time of Judgement’ is upon them.
It is correct that right action has not manifested among the leaders of the world to whom power is entrusted. As yet this is not obvious to the onlooking world, though their secret planning and clandestine activities reveal that this is so.
For this reason our (the Hierarchy’s) tactics must accordingly be altered. Retain your fluidity, as the action of the sea, and be aware not to concretise your plans. Adjustments are now in order and for this end we work to see the needed appropriate action to be taken.
Eruption is at hand – power is mischannelled and will sink to the depths prior to explosion into Light.
With Loving Heart.’   D.K.


25. A note on Esoteric Astrology

Indicative upon our return is the appearance on Earth of the White Lodge in full exoteric glory. This is to be hoped for if the vanquished become the vanquishers and the rule of Spirit comes again to this fair planet.

The Lodge is Sirian born and so the love principle is paramount in all our lives. The Soul is the crux until by passing through the narrow gate the expanding vistas of starry patternings are found.

The Great Bear relates its potency to the human kingdom. This Ashram (2/1) represents the mutable plea of time, and as such, the Source via….. is the Pleiades. The Mother of time and space, of light and dark has found a little island of responsibility in the cosmic fields upon your aura.

The Lodges on the Pleiades and on Sirius differ only in their modes of expression. The first works upon the personality and the second upon the Soul. My intention is to educate cosmically your picture and so give the proper sense of proportion.

The one of great interest to you all is the Great Bear, and here we reach the boundaries of understanding. It is only as a series of interlacing triangles that the Bear becomes intelligible. His paws hold out the warmth and generosity that may set cold space on fire if the surrounding systems can feel and respond to his caress.

The passage for this energy is via Shambhala, as you know. The orange, gold, red Devas work in arms upon His arms sent upon their mission as the wings of life to land upon the fortunate one. Only now are these Devic lives roosting on their planet. They insist on fiery conflagration, and they insist on perfect stillness, and they insist on calmness, so the alchemy is wrought. Ash is discarded and this planet is not destined to be ash.

I wish to emphasise the Lodge of Lodges comes from Sirius and has in palaces beyond your comprehension wrought out the destiny of many successful consummations and but a few failures.

The Devic lives that beckon to the call of the Sirian Lodge do calm the waters, instill the essence, stimulate, magnetize, then sublimate upon the Seven Sister’s brow. The Altar is then brought to bear and the journey to the Rishes is sought.

After this is not yet in my ken of knowledge to impart, however it is known that the Pole star speeds through to dimensions beyond the Lodge’s Logos and onto firmaments of Divinity Beyond.   D.K.


26. Untitled

In my ritual of Love
I bend the knee to thee.
I bring the flowers face to the Sun, Source of Light.
I touch the heads of each in passing with a dewdrop of immortality: the pearl of great price described in the scriptures.
In the sea the pearl is found, raised to the surface it becomes the rainbow, many colours in one: the loving, moving Energies of God.
I love, to efface myself, as the Sun overpowers the Moon, and the subtle winds of change rattle through my empty skull.
The pearl in my heart knows the path, the hardness of its diamond edge.
When I look within I will see Love, Love without measure, Love in all things.
When this cycle is over and I go to be born once more into the dust of the next awakening.
I take with me: the path; the pearl; the Love; as a shrine within the heart, as a glimmering of light on the Bodhisattva path.


27. Untitled

Behold, little sister, your mind is a fire.
Let go, little sister, let go your desire;
You have heard the heart speak.
Much wisdom is yours.
Love the firelight, not passion abroad.
Time is your keeper.
Vision it slow.
The flower will blossom.
Just let it grow.


28. Untitled

Much Revelation is yours, nurture it, clothe it with your love, warm and set it alight with that Fire that is elevating up, ever up, till it reaches its home in the top of your head.
Fear not.
We wait patiently, as we have done for aeons, for your extraction out of the plane of density, into the plane of true Being, this is your home. Too much emphasis cannot be given about the importance to meditate, as this my brothers and sisters is truly Reality.
Meditate with mind and body, exercise it with Love and compassion.
Put the harness on and pull the plough. For now and at long last the time is nigh for the Earth to be turned, and the myriads of seeds to be planted.
Incarnation after incarnation you have fallen and the harness has come loose. This time, take hold tight and don’t let it budge.
Your fingers are always stuck in the mire, but your fingers touch the clouds.
Now, rise up from the swamp, cleansing yourself through the waters and dance hand in hand joyously on those water lilies of life.
We wait eagerly.


29. Untitled

A soldier stands guard both night and day.
The harp plays its tune.
Woven in the Cosmic Loom
with multidimensional movement and splendour.

There is but One God,
And He must be obeyed.
There is but One God,
Who seeks you this day.
There is but One God,
Who loves His disciples.
There is but One God,
Who cries for the Salvation of the World.
There is but One God.


30. To a disciple

Now is the hour of your greatest testing. Know that in these few days you rise or fall by your own will. This is a time of your choice and the greater will is temporary withdrawn for the time when you gird up your loins and take up the sword and the book to defend and light the Way for others. Know that which is expected of you and that this expectation is grounded in your true capabilities, your innate wisdom and courage and your service work in lives gone past.
Do not dwell in the past, think only of the next hurdle, the bridge across the river of self.
This river of thoughtforms, desires, indulgences, is wide and deep and fast. Many lives and agonies go into its making.
Take a deep breath and starting on the right foot cross the bridge quickly without looking down.
Look neither to left or right and smite the guardians at the gate on the other side with the weapon you will be given. Fear not, know that it will be given when the time is ripe.
Ascending the hill at the other side, linger not in the outskirts of the garden, but go straight to the tree of knowledge, which you have planted from seed, and take the fruit which fulfils the needs of your Ashram, and greater whole in this time of trials.
Eat not of it yourself, but proffer first to your elder Brother, then to others, for their love and confirmation.
Great indeed is this hour.
You hold the key to all our hearts in many ways, have Vision, true Vision. Use your will, your true Will. Do not indulge, do not falter, do not cease to love as much as you are able. Banish the self-doubt and torture with your Magi’s wand of power – suśumṇā.
Look to the base of all things, the secrets lie hid in the stones we walk upon, the flowers of growth of the Sun, the elements in their song of Joy to the open sky, the stars in their realms of fire. Think not of yourself, a mortal, but yourself an immortal Sun amongst the other Suns of your Ashram, the Sons and Daughters of God, in whose Presence we all humbly walk.
Be still, be at peace. Be your Self. Be your True Self.

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