31. Communication in relation to John 11:39-40

And there were toxins in the body of men.
And the toxins were flushed out
By the living blood of the Christ.
And men rejoiced and they sang.
For they saw it was good.
And Christ Jesus said, Behold!
A new day is dawning.
Take off your skins of old.
And shed new light in the glow of your Sun/Suns.
For surely you will stinketh
If you do not rise from the tomb
Of fetid still waters.

32. Concerning the loving-mind

This is something which you all must deal with, just as you all must deal with your solar plexus (the two are definitely linked). Those along the rays of mind deal with it more than those on the line of love.
What is ‘the loving-mind’? It is simply the state of mind where you think you are in the heart, but you are not. Your mind is only telling you it is so. This of course serves only to feed your own desires.
The ‘loving mind’ is something which at your level of discipleship, is no longer a virtue, but a burden. It is the way one ascertains what is loving and what is not, with the faculties of the concrete mind. This is the correct mode of development up to a certain point, but it becomes a heinous aspect of the dark brotherhood when the personality remains in the loving mind. The dark brothers utilise this love energy. I tell you this now, as our brothers of the Dark Face prepare an onslaught based on this very energy. The energy of the Dark Cosmic Christ.
I will now attempt to explain the link between the lower mind and the solar plexus.
The lower mind and the solar plexus in the Aryan cycle develop concurrently. These centres, for the reason of correct development, can only be stilled together for the following reasons.

  1. These two centres, along with the sacral centre, are seats of desire.
  2. Because of this, they must be stilled together and the purified energy of these centres should then reach the heart at approximately the same time. This is very necessary because the intuition must manifest without any desires etc., interfering.

Understanding this, one should begin to grasp how the loving mind develops. To elaborate – when one’s vehicle is prepared to be impressed by his Soul or Monad, one’s own quality of love pours down from the vessel of the Soul and beyond and the lower mind structure becomes illuminated with light. This illumination becomes knowledge. It is then for the being to use this faculty of knowledge and gain wisdom and thus build the antaḥkaraṇa from the lower to the higher mind and outwards to meet the Soul. This opens the channels for intuition/love-wisdom from without – to develop and fuse with the love-wisdom which is developing from within. Ponder on this.
How does one gain wisdom? The same way that one learns about love – via the solar plexus. (This is why the solar plexus is the centre where love is distorted because it is a learning ground.) The experiences gained here nourish and feed the evolving mind structure and it is through these experiences that the mind also develops certain attitudes, such as pride and various glamours, for example the glamour of self-pre-occupation – which in turn feeds the solar plexus. This prolongs solar plexus activity: this point must be looked at in the group context and not just from the individual viewpoint.
Note that I have mentioned pride and the glamour of self pre-occupation. These are major problems that the group body must deal with. Pride, you should understand fairly well (when you truly look at yourselves). The glamour of self pre-occupation is something which you have not as yet studied in detail. This glamour is a direct result of wrong focus based on desire.
I wish to draw your attention to the myth of Icarus – Icarus flew too high and too close to the sun and fell into the sea. This is an apt parallel for the group at this point in time. Note also that Daedulus, the father, who devised the wings made of feathers and joined with wax, constructed the Minotaur’s labyrinth.

This is much for you to unravel. The path to the Heart reveals Loving Sound.     D.K.


33. To a disciple

Know that the boatman is your true function as Pisces, and Virgo is the womb or nurturement, the temporary home which you will provide for the wayfarers of the Spirit on the river of Life as it flows from this birth to this death, beginningless and endless.
The Piscean function is the ebb and flow of the Sacrificial life, the positioning yourself the personality to make best use of yourself as Soul and vehicle for the highest will which must be done. In Pisces you are not the seed nor the sower but the water which brings life to the Soil of Virgo, the earth, our Mother.
The ebb and flow of Life must pass through your hands as if you brush the hair of a loved one. Lovingly and with full knowledge you impart the stroke which sends forth the call of like to like, the fluid magnetism of forms.
Unveil your eyes to see the Devas, they are not glamoured, they live only to serve.
You must show yourself the path and set yourself the testings, pass them as you will and with your love, and to your wisdom be true.
The Boatman pauses and waves each goodbye from the heart, moving ever onward to the source and the Spring of Truth. Carrying his brothers and sisters a little of the way, the ever-widening narrow way.
Though the Source becomes a trickle it is also a torrent which engulfs.


34. Untitled

Gird up the loins.
Buckle on the armour.
Sharpen the Swords.
And mount the Chariots
which carry you to battle.
Prepare for the conflict.
Great energies arise from the eighth sphere.
You are the keepers of the door,
let them enter and see them depart with love in heart,
this is the time of their great awakening,
an opportunity for both birth and death.
Guard well the demon within yourselves at this time,
he will submit only to love.
Unless you are cleansed in this regard you cannot enter
into the heart of Love wherein you truly dwell.


35. Untitled

Breathe the Breath of buddhi
and shine the Light of the Soul
onto the cold stone altar
which holds the children of old.

Place the jewel upon it
and lift the war hammer high.
Let shared hands lend strength to it
to make the crystals fly.

And as you gaze in wonder
into each other’s eyes.
Lay upon the altar
and again raise the hammer high.


36. Untitled

Do not fear not knowing; that is a limitation; there is actually no such thing as not knowing; within the essence of your being is the knowledge of all things; all situations on the physical plane are manifested to simply free the Self from the hold of the little self; it has been the manufactured shadow or puppet of the Higher Self; it has needed a ‘shell’ in order to move around in its manifested surroundings, just as the body has needed clothes to move about in different climates.
Consider, dear little sister:

Man is made in the Image of God – what does this really mean? In essence, Man IS already relatively perfect; He is already ONE and always will be; a Spark of dynamic all-consuming Fire – the SPIRIT or MONAD, Being fanned out to its ultimate Brilliance. Ponder on the idea of the cycle of many Incarnations of the Monad as THAT LOGOS goes through His cycle of many, many or innumerable Incarnations.
Do you now, little one, gain a truer Initiate perspective? Detach yourself from the amusing ‘play’ of the physical plane; see it as the needed clothing in order to teach the little ones/humanity.
My heart, your heart, One Heart, in loving Light….D.K.

‘With this thought form came a precognitive flash of seeing my self against a background of black space, sitting at a small desk by a candle-light writing intensely and there was reams and reams of white paper already written on. It seemed I was in India. I was also given to understand this was a sense of oneness or mergence of my mind with the mind of master D.K. so that it became one dynamic, pulsating mechanism directed outward into humanity. At this point I had the realisation that this was already so on the inner realms and that the veils must and will be lifted on the physical plane to enable the ONE MIND to reach and caress and warm this last plane of darkness with its manifold catacombs of sleepy inactivity and crystallised congealed inertia.’


37. Untitled

The cleansing waves break on thy beach,
thy skeleton of mind to leach.

The maṇipūra mind made pure,
exhorts the loving heart. Endure!

When all is said and all is done,
there is no other but the One.

Be true to all who sail in thee,
upon thy lifelong shining sea.

When next you sight your port of call,
Make sure it is your true landfall.
The wolf he lurks upon the reef,
for all fair barques which come to grief!

Be true! See Truth! See through.


38. Untitled

I was once told long ago
about a diamond hidden in a sacred abode,
that if I searched high and low
with the eyes of a dove of woe
behind the Lords of three
would be found the Diamond Thee.

Within the diamond the three will sit.
Surrounded by all the jewels in the sea.
The Hydra will do its bidding with thee,
but in the end a unicorn it will be.
It will ride through the heavens on
the beam of light the lighthouse brings.
Like a beacon it will guide all home again,
back to the diamond Thee.
Within the diamond the three will sit,
mounted steadfast on the ring of peace.


39. Untitled

Look to the Way of the East,
the Son defends his Path.
The battle rages behind,
but the Light-Will will never wane.
The consciousness gives birth to the form.
And the One and the Three, the One-three to be,
remain in the flood of the Dawn.
The Way of the spiral is born.
Energy descends, East becomes West.
The golden mean remains to be seen,
it springs from the Rock, the Way of the Flock.
Energy takes form and starts from the end.
Swirling and curling it starts to descend.
She fastens her sandal, for to make haste.
The journey, the Way, are the paths that she makes.
Remember the ways of the Truth and the Light,
the Ways of Defence and the Ways of the Night.
Do not fear. The Ways of the trials have begun.
May the Journey be unto you.


40. Untitled

Search in thy heart my little one
for the dove that flies above thee.
Look up above thee to the Soul.
Keep still, for the flower within thee
is but budding to the light divine.
Work upon the lower, and the higher Way
shall be revealed to thee.
Master those things that come your way,
and upon them you shall ride.
Ride fast along the merry way
and quickly you shall find the truth of all Being,
of all knowing, and quietude will take its place,
and servitude will be the higher race.
The race that’s won by one and all.
The union of one’s own being.
The union which will bring to all
an understanding of the purpose of the race,
the running of the race and the goal
at the end of the finishing line.