Communications 41-50

///Communications 41-50

Communications 41-50


Onward Christian soldiers
marching as to war.
Carry the cross of Jesus,
carry it for them all.
Take the sword I gave to Paul.
Take it, take them all.
Slay the forms that are the past.
Rebuild for future glory.
This is your hour, you must invoke the Power.
Mars will fight to reveal the glory of Light.
God’s Love, God’s Light be unto you all.

42. Untitled

Love’s flowers bloom aloft, they grow on high,
but reach so low. Gather them together
and scatter them to the four winds.
Let them blow, and blow,
taken from high down to low.
The seeds you thus sow will grow and grow.

Oṁ.  Oṁ.  Oṁ.  Said the bell.
Strike the bell.
It rings the knell of life and death
of all that is and isn’t.
Conundrums come and conundrums go.
It is they which will help you grow and glow.
A time for every purpose under heaven.

43. Untitled

White walls of Jericho come echoing forth.
The tower will not fall.
I am, I am, comes the galloping horse.
Bringing breastplates of gold
and the flaming Sword One.
Silver lightning streaks across the sky.
Lightning flashes grasped in the hands
used in defence of the promised land.

44. Untitled

Let the Sound resolve.
Let the Sound revolve.
Let the Sound destroy for this Round and glory be.
Place the jewel in the crown.
Red ruby it will be.
White feather in front of Holy Be.
Planes and planets will harmonise.
Lord Kurukshetra will be unbound.
Holy, Holy, Holy be.
Glory, Glory, Glory to thee.

45. Untitled

The Will of God is the power of the sword.
To cut a thing in two,
and then return it to its source.
To follow the parallel and run its single course.
The act of cutting down.
I see a warrior wielding his sword on high,
around it goes the battle won.
Triumphant sound the bells.
His breastplate shines of gold
and his strength pours out for all,
riding on high his trusty steed.
Ride on high oh mighty warrior,
ride on to Galilee.
Destroy the old, create anew,
fathom the how, the why, the who,
and tell me true what must you do.
Love all my son, love all.
Let your light shine for all the world to see.
Shining from here beyond Galilee.
The myriad forms will feel the force
of the red Ray line changing its course.
Endeavouring to bring a new world horse
with which we can ride a new world course.

46. Untitled

Hark the herald angels sing
for all of those to come.
Their gossamer wings tell no lies,
but speak of freedom like butterflies.
Light and Love knows no bounds,
but you must bring it to common grounds.
For all the little ones under the sun
show them how to make the webs of
darkness come undone.
Let Love prevail.

47. Untitled

Strive to visualise the symbolism in the more subtle forms.
The child learns, and the mind grows.
Apply yourselves! You are children no longer!
The sword is the flashing red of multidimensional
movement and rearrangement.
The cloak is the vessel of nurturement
for that which is within.
The hand is that which is carried forth:
To the throne. To gather the sword. To reap the wind.
To rent the cloak. And dispel the myth.

48. Untitled

Triple is the way to the central Spiritual Sun.
Follow the three into the One.
Three times you will be anointed unto God.
Mountains climbed again will be climbed.
For the time is now that time again.
The cycle missed appears once more.

Bring with you those that follow close.
Move on so that those who are ready
can take your place.
Waste not time
as it holds up other’s journeying along the path.
Serve only so that the Plan may unfold.
And shed your Light among men.

49. Untitled

Give unto me your magic cup,
all that you possess give it up.
And I shall give unto thee my blessings three.
Of power, grace, and glory be.
Glory be to him who works for the light.
Glory be to him who wields the sword of might.
Glory be. Glory be.
Unto thee I give my blessings three.

50. Untitled

1. Blessed be those who spread Light,
with the aid of the Energy of Might.
2. Blessed be those that strive and struggle
for the Power and Glory of Might.
3. Blessed be those that wield Power,
Justice and Right for the Light.
4. Blessed be the shields of humanity,
when race, colour and creed are one.
5. Blessed be the temple of Makara and the Soul,
Heavenly Energy will then unfold.
6. Blessed be they that battle evil,
for they shall become Peacemakers of the Lord.
7a. Blessed be the magical Powers of the Soul,
from subjective Space it will unfold.
b. Blessed be the Eye that unveils the magical Powers
of the Soul, from subjective realms it will unfold.
c. Blessed be the magical Powers of the Soul,
from subjective realms the Eye will unfold.
d. Blessed it be the Tower of Old,
magical Powers from subjective realms,
and this, and more, the Eye will unveil.

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