51. This communication concerns the qualities needed to be developed by those that are to become Lords of the seven Rays that stand before the Throne of Deity and who embody the seven subray qualities of the one primordial Ray, plus the synthesising qualities of the triune Deity.

A Deva army moves your way.
Listen to their Voices.
They call your battle,
lengthy discussion has been ended.
The Ashram forms the pincer of the Crab of God.
It grips the darkness and strips bare the mud
to reveal the galleon’s treasure.
Gold light supernal resounds through the astral depths.
The water bubbles and boils.
A mighty volcano holds the Christ.
In its mouth you crucified be.
Move on, move on, fear not.
Embrace the star Sirius in your hearts.
It pours the celestial ambrosia on your heads.
Bow down low, be anointed – forever.
For you especially master Morya speaks.
Point your finger at the blackened heart.
Remove its dark veneer.
Point your finger and everything turns to gold.
The volcanic Devas beckon to your call.
Lord Pluto tears the Earth apart.
The Holy War is your crusade.
Return…, return….
Now return, your emerald crown is given back
to you a thousand fold.
Place it on this Ashram.
Return and yet return again.
All of you, the trumpet is sounded.
A Holy War is a dangerous thing. Learn well,
Your brain must become a radiant skull.
It grins with the Christ Light
and all the masses run in fear.
Be not afraid little ones.
We send you home.
Home is where the heart is.


52. From the Avatar of Synthesis via the Hierarchy. (He is the Eye in the Pyramid, the One we all bow to, with humble Hearts.)

Greetings brothers,
It is I the One.
The Sirian One.
Chief of those, the Sirian Ones.
The Ancient of Days is one of my many Sons.
Hearken to my call, I will come.
Darkness, not an ounce can exist with I.
Purify your darkness,
the Heart, the many worlds of Love be these.
You cannot imagine the Bliss I bring.
I the One. A billion years is but a grain of sand.
I see your finger, my Son.
Mighty it will be in your little world, the path.
Point it, point it. It flickers,
Mighty Pluto as a little spark in my palm.
I gaze at this.
An Avatar in your own right.
Can you but conceive.
I the One of Ones,
the Mighty of Mighties.
I will come.

Listen to Me.
I am not known to any of you.
A Blessing I give.
I am the Voice of Love Divine.
I am No-Where.
I am No-Thing.
In the Name of Heart I speak to you.
I AM yet I AM NOT.
I AM Listening.
So faint is your Sound.
Listen. Listen well.
For what I wish to Say is in no way Said.
Is there One that is still?
Is there One I can kill?
In the centre of the echoes I await.
Let go! Let go! Let go!
The fierce One will pierce your Hearts.
The pain is Great.
The echo of your tiny sphere is heard
across the bounds of this Creation.
A Ray of Love I AM.
I point your Way.
The END rests on your Shoulders.

A pin dropping in the Halls of Sirius would create
a thousand-fold a world like yours.
WE are called to your plight, humanity.
The dark one relies on the failure of your endeavour.
There is no need for games with words.
We tell you plainly what you Know.

Be our pen ……It is you who I choose.
Your brother Baba served ME well; Well indeed.
Are you surprised my Words are so simple?
For everything simply is.
You only feel Me through the Mirror.
You are right and you are wrong – the Love I AM
is concerned with the smallest and the Greatest alike.
The dark one has no place in you.
I will deal with Him in time.
It is all part of the Perfection.
You know and understand this in your Hearts.
Be still and Love.
There is nothing else to say.
I seek you out. – You sought Me out.
The LOVE embraces ALL.

Still you are surprised that something you imagine
as great as Me would take the time to bother with you –
Pain Me not with your thoughts.
Note: the phrase ‘your brother Baba’, refers to Meher Baba, who styled himself an Avatar. Indeed, he was so. As he was an incarnation of the first point of the 2/2 Ashram (under K.H.) he was in an ideal position to be the direct emissary for this Cosmic One of Love, to bear His Energy. Essentially, a purpose of Meher Baba was to help pave the way for the forthcoming Avatar, the Rider on the White Horse. For this reason he spent the greater part of his life in self-imposed silence, and promised that when he finally opened his mouth to speak it would be as a Lions roar, but he died without uttering a word. This has perplexed his numerous followers, who did not understand the esoteric processes involved with Divine Embodiments, or of the fact that he was referring to the Greater One who would follow him and who would also be overshadowed by this Sirian One, the Avatar of Synthesis. For it was this One who worked through Meher Baba. For this reason also Meher Baba built no lasting physical plane edifice of service, or temple of worship, nor did he leave vast amounts of esoteric writings, that was not his purpose, (the time was not ripe for true success in these fields), but simply to bear the physical imprint of this Energy of Love, and to work at certain karmic adjudications in preparation for the then future Divine Embodiment. (Who can leave ‘lasting’ edifices within the ranks of humanity, for He brings with Him the externalisation of the Hierarchy of Love itself.) When Baba died in 1969 the Rider exoterically issued forth to pursue the first stages of His Earthly quest, the Hierarchical Lion began its Roar.


53. Untitled

Your clarion call
awaits the hosts.
Battle lines drawn.
The charge is called.
The bugler sounds his note.
The battle nigh.
Resounds the call.
The Holy Ghost, the Grail, the cup.
To arms, to arms, to arms.
The man, the heart, the Soul, the Sun, are one.
Be still and then again be still.
The Masters come your way.


54. Untitled

Deva songs everywhere.
Deva songs resounding.
Deva songs without a care,
Deva songs rebounding.
Come sing your Deva songs with me,
They’ll lead you to realms astounding.
Deva memory everywhere.
Deva songs without a care.
Ring your Deva chimes/rhymes through the air.
Ring them out – your heavenly fare.
Sing them with me everywhere.
Sing out the new Day dawning.
Deva eyes everywhere do stare.
Deva Lords of blue and golden hair.
Devas sing out sounds of Light.
Devas sing out the Heavenly delight.
Great choral Devas come forth in Might.
Come forth Michael, Raphael……


55. Communication concerning the education of new students.

Concerning this one, the testings come too soon. Already upon you is the burden of yourself. Lose the self and you will lose the semblance of desire.
True responsibility for the suffering of others is part of the Christ’s work and Plan, you are of this Plan. Perceive it not to be here or there, in all things is the suffering of others. Just as is the Joy.
First cleanse your own suffering through attachment and desire. This desire is but the forward movement of the attachments of the past. It must be cleansed as all things must be, in their time and cycle.
Be of Heart, perceive what is needed of and with the Heart.
Fire the arrows strait to where the problem lies. Do not dilly dally in the mires of the emotional body, perceive truly what is needed with each one and give, surrender to your best instincts rather than the more base.
You know this, but you must consolidate the ground on which you stand, lest it slip away like a thief in the night, taking with it all you have achieved, though know well also that this can never be truly lost (this knowledge) as it is regained in this life and not found for the first time.

You must work to eliminate those personality aspects which are a hindrance to your true unfolding:

The lion of pride.
The serpent of lust.
The eagle of the mind which flits back and forth, never resting on one peak.
The raging bull of the emotions.
The subtle spider’s web of expectation.
You must seek these beasts out and kill them, but know them before you kill them, learn their names and habits, then stalk and kill.

Be wise. Speak from the Heart.
Go like an arrow to the core of the Flame. You are the heart, all Wisdom comes from the Heart. In each second of movement through time adapt fearlessly to each change, each twist and turn, by action based on a deep knowledge of the Heart, your Heart, the Hearts of others and the deep secret of the Heart of Life. You hear its pure song as you move closer to its Source.
Its Source is within and without, it is in the place of no-place, the Heart has no fixed abode, it dwells within all things and nurtures and sup­ports from without. It deals with each situation as a neces­sary adjunct to the finding of the Heart.

Lo! The Heart is found!
The Joy of the Heart is here!
Was always, will be ever repeating infinite causing now forever no time at all. Heart. Heart. Heart.
Meditate on the Sound of this word Heart.

Take care with the Sun meditation.
Use this only as a guiding tool.
Watch ever for response from the Heart, together with consistency of action and the radiating light within the aspiring candidate.
Those that are older often need longer periods to break down crystallised substance.
Those that are younger need longer periods, without explaining this thought any further.
Remember, the group continually evolves.
Serene dynamic action in wisdom is called for here.

In loving Heart, D.K.


56. The Group mission statements given in December 1988. These phrases came through for the individual members of the advanced group, but also become one complete group mission statement. They concern individual and related group aspirations and meditations, and are presented here for they may also serve to inspire the reader.

I carry the Light that lights the Way for those who follow –
The Light that rents the veil.
I aspire to stand in Love that all may stand in Light.
To Love and to serve the Christ all my days and do his bidding in the name of humanity.
I aspire to unqualified service work.
I aspire to seek and to heal.
To Love and to nurture.
To wisdom.
I Teach my brethren about Love, in their understanding they are protected, in that protection they are healed.
I aspire to be a true white magician unfolding the beauty of my Father’s Sword, and to heal as Master Jesus healed, unveiling the Mysteries.
To heal with the Word, to uplift and inspire all into blissful Aspiration.
I aspire to tap my feet to the Voice of the Sun.
Behold – White Brotherhood.
I centralize, I stabilize, I am a magnet to hold steady all that come my way.
I aspire to help bond in conscious recognition my brothers and sisters to further the eternal ongoing process.
And to reveal the sublime attunement of consciousness surrounded by Wings of joy.
To anchor a point in the crown of Sanat Kumāra.
I aspire to Love the Life that beholds me.
I am the carrier of the Word made good.
The deliverer of the Word made good.
I aspire to discriminate and thus be swift in action.
To be the will, concentrate to behold the Power of Love.
And, as I reveal the will I aspire to return with Wisdom and Love.
To send out the Sound to ground the dance of the Devas, and to be a falcon of fire so that I become the eye of the needle which threads the lines of Lives.
I aspire to take my hands down off the line.
To be the jewel, the impartial jewel, the higher Light which draws the weary traveller home to where the heart is.
I aspire to serve those who come before me, and for those who come behind to raise their hopes and visions to a brand new dawn.
To be the Power, and so reveal the Light and Love of the Plan.

So let it Be.


57. Untitled

If all the world should pass away, what should be left?
The world unmanifest.
If all the walls should crumble, what should be left?
Space, through which the winds of time may blow.
If all the lovers should disappear, what should be left?
The One Lover of All.
If all the hearts of little men should break, what should be left?
The One true Heart beating.

Destruction – the sword of Love – precedes the Divine construction of the Temple which houses My Love. Fragmentary moments of pain must be endured. These are but fleeting moments, though the mind interprets eternity as the lower shell is frustrated in desire for all its fulfilment in the three worlds. The group mind cracks, with it the Heart in mind. Offer up the pieces to the Lord that He may redeem the substance in the Heart.


58. Untitled

You are not this mind.
You are my mind.
Be still, write this down.

The stillness is constant, it moves in you, behind the dream that is the personality.

The foundations of nature are built on dynamic movement alternating with dynamic stillness. In the periods of stillness we have the minor pralaya states – in atoms for instance, the absorption of energy to its fullest point before entering a new spiral of activity – this parallels your process of understanding (on the human plane of affairs) – more and more to be still.

Beware, frenzied activity is not always growth in the right direction, in fact is so rarely. Be calm and methodical if it is possible – nothing serves to isolate as much as activity wastefully directed – remember this.

In the death of the emotional body we perceive growth, death itself is still in one sense, dynamically moving in another. All manifest life exalts in movement, but you must move to be still, the entrance to the still place is in the heart, through the gateway of the mind we enter.

Achieve your right concentration on all its different levels. Then knock hard on the door of the heart and it will open. This is the gateway of the Christ’s entrance into humanity, He comes not to the beating of drums, but to the silent pounding of the heart, sounding out its endless Song.

Know indeed that the heart is the Soul resident in the body in one sense. It is a part of yourself that does not belong to you, but belongs to a greater being whom you barely know or recognise.

In the flames that consume the mind is love to be found. Love indeed, as Baba said, burns the mind, is the seed of its destruction – love kills out desire, when you have lived to the extent of your hu­man capabilities then you can die and in peace, to be born of course to love again in the greater circling ring, Hierarchy awaits.

Be still, stiller than still. Mountains are still, the Earth is still, even tho’ it spins, this gives you an idea of the relativity of stillness, this paradox of which we speak. Die, die well, you have the opportunity of death presented, take it now and be born.

We give you not directions or indication of your future status, roles, assignments – nothing. This serves only to weaken the ‘mind’ and the heart, for you there is the finding of stillness and this is of the utmost im­portance. Before you may teach you must be still, before you can love, you must be still, before this life, in death you were still, go to the place before your birth, after your death, know this place as your home and live there. Shed no tears for the loss of your life for it was never truly yours, even now you perceive us wrongly and think only of the most lowly symbol – your little ‘life’, a fraction of the larger whole. You, a spot of light in the candle of a Master, we who are infinitesimal specks of fire in the candelabra of the Lord whose Name we cannot name, nor should we try.

Hearken, listen, stop still, cease and desist, begin to live, cease and be­gin at once as if you had never been, this teaching cannot be strong enough, delve, life awaits. The wind has a Voice for those who can hear.

A Meditation on the Wind:

The Wind is:
The Wind of the mind that rattles the empty spaces.
The Wind of the Heart that Blows direct from buddhi.
The Wind between the Spheres.
The Solar Wind that is silent in its song.
The Wind that blows in truth.
The Wind that blows away lies.
The Wind that cleanses the Earth.
The Wind that whips up ocean waves until they dash themselves against the rocks of mind, against the beaches of buddhic sand.
The Wind of conflict.
The Wind that blows the seeds of thought about to germinate the desert places or to die in lush surroundings.
The Wind that blows out concepts, brings irritability to the boil.
The Wind that winds through the mind cleaning out its passage ways.
The Wind that is the breath howling through the body – prana – the Wind.
The Wind is energy, the Wind is impartial.
The Wind is moving but makes us still.
The Wind connects us to Life – the breath, take away this Wind and we die – stillness? Or greater movement?
The Wind carries the Spirit at death to its appointed place.
The Wind is eternal Energy.
Dynamic stillness is the Wind.
The Wind is now, feel the Wind, its breath on your face.
The face of the wind is your face, the Face of God is your face.
Offer yourselves to the Wind, face the Wind, it will carry your doubts and fears away, the dust of the mind, the top soil of ignorance, the voices of greed and despair, bending the trees of the past to bow down to the future.
The Wind. The Wind. The Wind.
It does all this and still it does not cease,
it lives, it is Life itself – the Wind.
You are the Wind, be the Wind.
Listen to the Wind, it sings to you.
You sing to yourself.
The Wind x 10.
Be Wind.


59. Untitled

I am the Wind
I am the Sound.
Hear the Truth.
I know the Past,
I am the Future.
I am the Ring.
Blue begins. Blue reveals.
The treasure of diamonds
is for me to unfold.
Wings of Power.
Wings of Sound.
I make thee aware of the Wind.

(The Windy ambiguous incongruous Master 2/2, and Master K.H., One but not the same.)


60. Untitled

I am the morning Light.
I am the morning Right.
False dawns come and go.
Heed me.
I am Eternal.
I am Now.
This One my sons is the SUN.
The Great Orb that Fathered you all.
Within and without you is HE.
Do you see?
He shines in you and upon you.
His Son is I (K.H.)
Level your hands.
Hold them to the Sun’s Rays.
In your Hearts you will say:
‘My God, My Father, what have I done?
Every day, yea, every life you have sustained me,
yet I forget you.’
Be not forgetful, nor treacherous.
No more need I say.