61. Shiva and the Dogs of War

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Oh what fun it is to throw my Fires.
You have seen me before.
I dance with delight in the fires.
I am Shiva.
My dance divides.
My dance defies.
Oh what fun to ride upon the Fires of war.
Oh what fun to clean the pit.
Oh what fun to reek havoc.
Chaos! Chaos! At last my heart’s desire.
At last the cleansing Fire.
My dance unites.
My dance delights.
The red square. The red square.
I am there. I am there.
Gather up your spears you dogs of war.
Gather up your fires.
I am patient. I am patient.
Worry not. Worry not.
Be sure.


62. On the true nature of faith

You begin to have faith that certain things will result in an outcome (see Hebrews 11:1). You may say that expectation based on seed experiences produces a response. If you believe that you will grow better as time goes on, you must therefore become more positive and thus a chain reaction occurs. Positiveness initiating an opportunity to express faith, initiating more positiveness, etc.

With the cause comes the effect and so on. Thus faith is believing in an outcome which is based on the development of an understanding of logic and its logical resolvement.

The questioner becomes the answerer.

When the state of faith and positiveness has reached a certain degree then a reciprocal action becomes more pronounced. This action is an inflowing positiveness of higher focus caused by the more subtly developed faith of those beings on higher planes. This perpetuates and increases the various multilevelled and dimensional chain reactions already occurring with greater conscious participation by the seeker.

This more intense positiveness is the Power by which and the substance from which an Initiation takes place.
This reciprocal positiveness is the power by which the development of the parts of these higher Beings is, in a chain reaction manner, caused.
We are all parts of these Beings, as the animal kingdom is a part of us, as a vegetable kingdom is of that and the mineral kingdom a part of that.
Our fates are intertwined.
The Sound of the ‘Great Originator’ echoes down the hall and we are all its echo.


63. No time to waste

A softer time begins of trials: to love more fully, to give more fully of your time, for time besets you now in earnest, you have no time, yet much time to waste, much to squander recklessly.
In the place of ‘no time’ make your abode and live there, giving of this ‘lack of time’ freely.
It is the energy of the ‘place of no time’ of which I speak, know that your inner selves exist in ‘timeless now’, these words are but words and your poor brains are tired of concepts, so sleep! But soon to wake my dear ones, so soon to wake!
The tide turns upon yourselves, the victory over self is won soon, but soon is relative as we know, for some ‘soon’ is sooner than for others. Think about ‘soon-ness’ – the word is a joke is it not? At least you appreciate the humour of the situations created by your human minds in attempting to be, just be, naught is won without struggle, as we know, but struggle is in itself a concept of the mind, quite useless as you see, we know not what we truly struggle against but we struggle nonetheless.
Struggle not, in stillness is the peace of your loving repose, but still struggle you must on to the victory which is yours: your abode in the place of no time and no struggle, relatively speaking of course. Don’t attach yourselves to too many words at this time, let them do their work unseen as it were, to flow through and create the consequences of their sounds….we must go deep into the kernel of the flame, the outer tier of inner being – we draw close, my lovers we approach!


64. Untitled

While the doves are flying
there is peace within the heart.
They settle in branches,
three in one and one in three.
The egg is born and lies in the nest.
Soon the chick will hatch and fly away.
Let Love fill all your hearts and sing for joy.
Let us encircle and enshroud you all.
The flames burn higher and higher to form a tower.
The star above glows brighter and brighter.
Let its glow fill the entire sky of your being.
Wait on. Wait on. Wait on Majesty.


65. Untitled

Hearken unto thee, my children sweet.
The Angel’s calls of Morya’s leaves.
The garden soft with new bloomed roses.
He tends the garden well, our Lord Morya.
Hearken, children sweet, the new cycle begins.
Your wings have been granted unto thee,
Fly, my children, fly,
under the blood blue sky, fly.
This is my order.
The Law is written, to you the Law is given.
Falter from its letter not, but like the arrow straight,
fashioned from the wood of Morya’s garden,
directly fly to the Heart of the Sun.
To Calvary we go.


66. Untitled

As the wheel turns,
the Buddha and Christ bow down,
making way for the One,
who will come with a heavenly crown.
Oh brothers of the Right and Might,
this heavenly Sight will flutter
your feathers with pure delight.
With waves of Sound to cleanse the whole round.
In the world of Reality it begins.
Thee are blessed.
Your lover, as always.


67. Untitled

Be positive, not negative.
With negative, be positive.
To be, or not to be.
That is the question.
Be positive, not negative.
With negative, be positive.
Don’t be fooled by those who have ruled.
In the jewel, in the Jewel.
It is the tool.
Work! Work! Work!
It is the tool.
Do not succumb.
Come. Come. Come with us. Be us.
Draw deep within on the fiery red
and indigo blue of thee.
Don’t succumb.
Don’t be fooled by the darkness within you,
and without you.
You must in Will direct it.
Bring it unto thee, not it direct thee!
Be positive, not negative,
With negative, be positive.
The three key words are:
Work, Joy, Service = Love, Death, Christ.
Master of Masters. Father of All. ONE
Stop thinking of yourselves.
No time to think.
Think of your greater Selves in time,
Think of Thee.
Be still! Allow us to come to thee!
Don’t play games any more.
Allow us to come to thee!
We love thee.


68. Alexander (Morya) wishes to speak:

Behold a fair maiden on a white horse.
Swords she carries to guard the castle path.
In the tower she reigns,
but must come down to guard the path.
The flame rises up reaching the tower,
the Sun is within.
Tarry not in the Now.
A red rose, I give you
from my garden.
Take it to your bosom.
Behold, a Sun is born.


69. Untitled

In the blink of an Eye a year has flown.
From present into past the Eye now opens,
Light pours in dispelling darkness vast.
From different corners of the Earth we gather at the hub.
Each spoke a light of radiance bright
That shoots from here to there.
From now till then.

As a flower you open –
Aromatic power permeating invisible space
from your timeless clock.
Lead onward, that Will may follow Love
to the rainbow’s end,
where seven becomes the single two.
There we wait, excluding One,
for perfected timing to undress your feathered garb.
No flights of fancy on winged speculation!
To join the central Light.
Only grounded feet can carry you.
In loving recognition of your year’s unfoldment
in love, we give you the Sound of the Wind.

The Hierarchy.


70. Untitled

The desert blooms also after a brief rain.
Ah! The flowers, so sweet!
And only a short time ago
in their place was an arid space.
A reminder that tomorrow
an arid space, again, this place.
There is only one way to view
all corners of the desert true.
With the eyes and strength of an eagle.
With the heart and speed of a phoenix.
With the voice and sound of a nightingale.
But first becoming a dove is the only
way to overcome.
And ride in the craft of the air that came
And landed on the Nazca plane.