71. Untitled

Manifest the will of mind, you alienate the Heart.
Manifest the heart of self, you lose the song of Joy.
Manifest your reason to sound, you lose the Way.

Heal the mind, break the heart, still the reason.


72. Untitled

Love and hearts delight.
Love and hearts in flight.
Carried on wings of peace
To the glorious heights.

Love and hearts a-flame
We embrace the All.
In the great One’s name
We hearken to the call –

Of all the needy ones.
The inhabitants of the soil
Caught in the saṃsāric game
Of struggle and of toil.

Hearts in Flight
Wings of Love
Radiant Ones
Join forces and journey to the Sun.


73. Untitled

Forge on, forge ahead.
There is no more time to think with the mind.
Think with the heart,
Then utilise the highest point of Mind to ACT.
Act now! Act in unison, Act in Wisdom,
with no thought of individual self.
Don’t tally up your points as you give.
For indeed, then you are not truly giving.
You are a single tear-drop and
You must merge with the vastness of the ocean.
You have reached yet another ‘fork’ on the path.
Don’t deviate all of you.
This is a most important stage – Rule 11 must be achieved.
Do not be enticed by the roads that go off into angles.
Stay on the straight and narrow path.
It is truly the Life line.
Give to the group Self, give and give.
Until you have so identified with this ‘self’
That there is no other thought but Sacrifice.
of all that hinders the One Work.
Love each other as we love you.And there is no doubt that success will reign.
We come to you, we are coming to you.
We are with you. Be ready!
The Son of God comes when you least expect.
Be ready! Be ready!


74. Untitled

Comfort and learning are your heart’s yearnings.
The sign of the dove
comes from above and beyond the world.
The sign of the times,
the wealth of the world is written in the stars.
Your cosmic journey through the isle of night.
Written on the day you first loved
your way to the truth.
Come experience, you may take your time
and mould it with the clay of life,
fired in the hearth with cosmic Love.
Its burning fire takes all day, then transformed is the one,
a perfected receptacle for the Light
that shines the way burning so bright.
Its fire that burns not but only brings delight.
The peace that flows from the eyes of Christ.
See how it glows on your lips at night.
The mighty ocean of Love it flows.
Your tiny boat is rocked gently on the waves.
That mighty ocean of Love takes you on your way.
Leading you on your journey of fate.
The bliss that awaits, that gives up the ghost.
The fire of time plays through your hands.
From the one who calls himself a man
comes this note in the night sweet delight.
Morya he knows how it glows.


75. Untitled

Come gather rainbows in the Sun.
Harness the bull to plough the field.
The furrows deep in time do stand.
Come gather rainbows in the Sun
and pass them all around.
The seed does take in furrowed ground.
It takes but a little time.
Then watered with the tears of Life
a mighty stand of oak is found.
Come gather rainbows in the Sun
and pass them all around.


76. Untitled

He comes! He comes!
Warning! He comes!
Beware our Lord of Nazareth,
towards you He comes.
He brings a light,
a burning torch,
to marry this group.
To your motley bunch of grapes
we work the ambrosia of God.
To the wine press you go.
You will be crushed asunder.
Broken down, you will rise again,
the vine grown anew,
the Phoenix arisen.
Like our Lord of Nazareth,
who rode above the wooden cross.
The tree of reincarnation
withers weak beneath you.
So prepare thyselves
because we’re a’coming for to reap you.
Beware, he brings a sword to reap you,
our most gentle Lord of Nazareth.

Hail be to thee all!
For you are the wine of the Lord.


77. Untitled

There is a Wind that blows over this land.
A new Wind that blows from the East.
It has blown before and it will blow again.
Sweeping all the past before.
It is a Wind of change,
the Avatar’s Breath
that comes to claim the world of yore.
It is that Wind that blew in Egypt’s streets,
to take from Pharaoh his own precious sheep.
It is the Wind of Alexander,
marching in Orientine.
It is the Wind of Hannibal,
marching in Napoleon’s time
to conquer mighty Europe,
the bed of civilisation.
Lay ye to rest, for comes the Avatar
seeking only the best.
Feel the Wind, how gentle it blows,
heed the Wind for all it knows.
Praise be to God.


78. Untitled

By and by I walk into the bowels of Intelligence.
By and by I face the darkness of mediocrity.
I say I will die for thee.
The words sound sweet, so sweet.
But do I know what dying truly means?
What lurks in the four corners of our being?
Why do I constantly persecute thee?
The great Mother of darkness I carry with me.
She weighs on me heavily, heavily indeed,
squeezing every last breath from me.
But finally, finally I say halt Mother dear!
Finally, I walk straight, tall,
I do not stall,
I walk straight into the Heart of thee – She follows me!
Ah! Christ is afoot! Christ is alive!
Christ breathes through the great Mother of Light!
By and by I walk into the Heart of consciousness.
By and by I fly into the Light of Livingness.
Life, Love and Light!
So let it be.


79. Untitled

Blessings with the awakening.
Blessings with the threefold Plan.
Blessed are the five points of the star.
Blessed are the heavenly Seven.
Blessed are the twelve points from heaven.
Make Holy, Holy, the door to Life.
The white veil lifts as the Eye shifts.
Make way for the sands of time.
The Moon children remove the cornerstone
of the Great Pyramid.
Make way for the children of time.
Blessed they Be. Blessed Be.
The Archangels sing with joy,
at last the Sword of Peace will be recovered.
Beneath the veil the note goes forth.
Once, then twice, for the tone.
The outer expression recovers the beat.
The Word, Line, Colour,
and then form takes shape.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Be.


80. Untitled

Come closer, we feel your pain.
Our arms are open ready to embrace.
Our hearts understand.
The Christ our Lord has shown us the Way.
We wait to wrap our Love around you,
weaving, spinning, turning around,
the cloth of Life will forever be bound.
Let us use the Unicorn to ride through the sky.
Our Shambhalic Lord’s Body we seek to heal.
Oh dear sister help make it real.
The past is past, know this to be true.
The wings of the future need Air for the right hue.
This will allow the vital airs to wash the mind
substance anew.
Then the Now can manifest, the peace can shine through.
Ring the bell once, just for good measure.
Tarry not with the reasons, be open to the Sound.
Hearts will beat again to the Sound.