81. Dear One

Fear not, for ever does darkness bring the Light of Day. These inner changes are of a most urgent nature. For strict obedience to the Higher One must be learned. The Teacher in your midst is also attempting so to learn, thus what is in you is in him and vice versa. All partake now of this process.

Be ever clear on the issues at hand, and do not suppose that ultimately wrong can result – for the evolution of Love and the Loving One is ever an upward spiral.
Take time to reflect on the true issues here. You have yet to perceive them. External labels and attempts to itemise the ever-changing energy patterns shall always fall far short of the mark. Thus look within for your perceptive Truth, and do not fall victim of words, though useful they may be.

Aim first to embrace that which transcends expression in word stuff – for this is the true testing now. Even as the Soul has ‘spoken’ to you up till now, so must you turn away your ear and heed now the glimmering Light of Splendour that has been evoked. Sound and Light are one, though may be looked upon as different languages. Each one has its use in its rightful context – reflecting aspects of Divine expression.

Look not back to the way of the Soul, the Note and Light must now give way – death results. Pray, make your grieving short, for much awaits tending in the garden of Life.
Your ever-present friend, D.K.


82. Untitled

The Heart is the Mind.
Remember this well.
For man is essentially Love, and All that he is unfolding
when unfolding the mind is the knowledge petals of
the Heart of that which is to Be.
Therefore, do not concern yourself with the concrete
Trivialities of the reality of the illusion, but meditate, ponder, and remember.
The Heart is the Mind.

The Mind is the Active Heart.
It is the double-edged Sword.
It is the perverse acknowledgement of the Will.
It repeats what it knows
to the drum of the heartbeat.
It listens to the Water from which it
drinks when it lacks acknowledgement.
It is the slayer of the Real.
The Heart is the Real.


83. Untitled

The bell that tolls in the forest alone can sound a clear note because of the absence of other sounds.
In the same way, the note that the Heart emits makes all other noises dull and dense by comparison.
It cuts clear and distinct like a sword and all other notes lie dull and blunt by the wayside.
The note of the Heart is the note of the Soul, the Note of the Logos, and He about Whom Naught may be Said.
Combine these notes and you have a Joy which outlasts any thought of death. (Thought form here: from one point of view thought is death.)
Love is a fierce flame which burns among men and cuts them asunder from their past.
Be not the worm or carrion crow scavenging what little safety you can in the nets of form and desire.
Use the sword on yourself when necessary and cut off that which ails you.
Disease is born with us but we need not carry it to the grave.
Harshness is not what I teach, but Light will sometimes hurt when the Soul cries for mastery of all things.
Hierarchy is a raging Fre, but say not that it consumes but bestows the gift of burning.
When you have one candle of vision you will always need more, for the greater darkness which exists outside the firelight.
Ignite! Light the fire, Light! Drive back night on as many levels of perception as you can perceive.
Receive the gift of Fire when it is presented.



84. To a brother:

We love you dearly.
But the weed cannot be allowed to grow.
Face the Light or face the possibility of flight.
The agonies of the mind have gone unchecked too long.
We are your brothers and we tell you this truly.

Do not evade.
Do not hunger for past times.
Do not blink or bat an eye when asked to serve.
Do simply what is to be done.
Do not quarrel with the mind.
Do not close your heart to Love.
Do not be afraid.
Fear is not your second name.
Grow lighter, float high above that which you were.
The opportunity is golden.
See it truly now for what it is.
Labour not in the ditches of fruitless endeavour.
Claim the birthright which is yours.
Oh! brother of mine,
before eternity claims you first.

This is the hour of need.
Not yours but Thine be served.
The path of Love is not an easy one.
It leads out of the mire, through the narrow chasm
and into the heart of Life.
Love and ye will be saved.


85. Untitled

The soundless Sound
radiates outwards within the pool so blue.
The stone is cast,
the rings encircling it embrace all things,
slowly moving outwards to encompass all life.
The stone is cast, forge it well.
The sword cuts the stone when struck twice
the handle hewn with gold and rubies
will strike down the enemy, the tormentor of dreams.
The battle won, the cold war comes.
We drive the enemy to battle on and on.
Value not your life, it means little to us, to your Lord,
it is but a vessel in which His Life flows.
Many a vessel when broken
can be worked again by the potter
whose clay is the earth from which we come to heal.
The jest of life is true, can you not laugh!
So many times we take it to be real.
The sanctuary you have built is our piece (peace)
of heaven on the miserable planet,
like the stone cast in the pond,
this paradise will widen, the circles broaden.
Heaven on Earth will be. (Sacred planet.)
Nurture this heaven, you will have the privilege to reside in.It is our home, you are our guest.
Your host welcomes (beckons) you,
Come. Come. Come.


86. Untitled

Behold, beware, the Chariots are there.
To dare, the Magician’s cap and cloak,
the wand, which acts as a rod, with jewels
of red and blue, with violet hue.
Wind a – blowing, the sails and horns a – blowing.
Wave the flag, show the Light of Life.
The diamonds of old from the rock of Heart.
Bring the heat of Spirit, the Father of us all.
The Dynamic Peace of us all.
The candle of Peace, with one single flame.
This I give to you,
a parting gift which separates the past from the now.
Ever the future.

Glory be! Glory be! A Son is born.


87. Untitled

There is too much ‘to-do’ about nothing.
THIS and THAT counts more than the LIVING CHRIST.
Tis a difficult thing to give your Life to the Christ –
Why is this?
And the Voices ring out again –
But what about this and that.
And I say unto you.
Is it not true –
that when men are no more.
the Sun will keep rising and setting.
And the Earth will live on.
And the Lords of Flame will move on.
Then this and that are no more.
Be ME and only ME,
not husbands and wives and friends
and lovers and doctors and lawyers and sisters and brothers.
But ME – For within ME you are ALL,
and none of these things.
Love one another.
Go and be in ME.

In contemplation.
Sanat Kumāra overshadowing Jesus.


88. Love – who is the messenger of timeless purpose?

Now and again,
He appears from His sanctuary of Heart.
And He sits and He waits –
He moves through the byways and corridors of Life,
And He sits and He Waits –

And when the bells of maturity ring out,
He knocks on the door of those who respond in Faith.
He knocks on the door of those who respond in Heart.
He knocks on the door of those who respond in Light.
He knocks on your door …..

Will he receive the highest attention that a guest receives
from his hosts?
Ah! Yes indeed, for He already lives within you,
And He seeks to draw Himself unto Himself,
He is inside and outside of yourself.


Peace be to all!


89. Untitled

You cry out help!
And I give you to drink.
You cry out help!
And I say follow me!
Give up the Ghost.
Follow me through the One who was first chosen.
Thomas Didymus, touch me through the first chosen.
And show the Way to those who must touch to believe.
I know you, I believe in you, believe in me.
I wait for you all my children of Light.
I sit and I wait till I am invited in.
And then I will appear to you all.
When the first chosen has given the call.

Peace be to all – Jesus.


90. Untitled

We are the Sun.
We know the Sun
We are the Sun.
We are Life.
We are Love.
We are Light.
We are the Living Jesus Christ.
That we are, we are , we are.
The Lords of Liberation descend on us from afar.
That we are, we are, we are!