91. Untitled

Hail, Oh mighty Lanoos (A specific reference to 1st Ray Ashrams.)
With the Wisdom dragons you begin to weave anew.
The glamour of past isolation begins to fade.
The unity of trust, the flag waves for all to see.
The Wind, she’s a-blowing, the sails need adjusting.
The Course, set towards cosmic Tides with streams of Love.
Make ready, the knights, kings and queens.
The pages need more training, but will suffice.
Think well of Sacrifice, make it your meditation.
It is needed for the cup. Make ready.


92. Untitled

Place your Heart upon the altar,
Offer it up to God.
Give your life upon the pyre,
Offer it up to God.
Sound your note to ring out true,
Make your life a victorious song.
Give to the night the light of your love.
Give unto they who search for the meaning.
Above all, love, love life,
and dedicate all to the most Holy Lord on High.
Our sovereign God forever, Amen.


93. Untitled

Sun and Moon fine tune
Varuna’s Trident.
In the Heart of the Sun rings forth,
a three-pronged Song whirling
through the fiery worlds.


94. A poem to Jesus

I am his shadow.
I follow in his footsteps.
I travel in the wake of the Way
he has prepared for me.
I am his servant.
I add my heart to his Glory
for ever and ever. Amen.


95. Untitled

Hearken ye all to the Lord, our God.
He comes, He comes,
The Nazarene, He comes.
A Deva upon a gleaming white horse.
He comes! Oh Joy! Oh Hallelujah!
He comes! He comes!
Unto Him ye must bequeath thyselves.
For it is written,
written in the stars,
throughout all time,
the One Who is a fish,
the One who must give,
is bringing you a jug
from which you shall pour the waters forth.
Stand ye sure, stand ye fast,
for He comes,
the Lord with the child in His eyes.


96. Untitled

Listen carefully to what we are about to say:
Love is two.
And two is four.
Love is you,
Entrenched in your Heart forevermore.
Love is in and Love is out.
Love is through,
Love is all about.
Look for the signs within the Sound.
Look for the qualities
in which Love abounds.
So remember beloved Thomas.
Love is Four (The Spirit of Peace.)
And Four is two (K.H.)
And two is you (Our group.)
See it through.


97. Untitled

The man, the Soul, the Sun are one.
Merged on the day when you become.
The perfected receptacle of light.
Ascend the Nazarene heights.
The perfection of being is the goal to be won.
Stand fast, look sharp my steadfast one.
The way has ever been the same my son.
Pick up your bow, your rod, your staff.
Blow on your trumpet let it sound forth.
The two and the one , the one and the two.
Make it with you, two by two.
Let the man hear with his eyes that see.
The truth it will come out as always it must.
For he that has eyes to see the truth will always be.
Glory be on the first of your life.
Glory be on the second of your time.
Glory be on the third on your way.
Listen for the time is come for all to take their
appointed places.
You take up yours in that Ashram of mine.
And I’ll take yours and all will be fine.
Two and five make seven you know do you know?
You fine Bear we’ll play with some more.
Still you don’t know who you bear.
Within that Heart and mind of thine.
The Master R. sends you sweet thoughts and wine.


98. Untitled

The first Ray is the Might.
It is the Power of the Lord
and will always come first, as did the Word.
Its potency is for Creation and Destruction.
It lays the Way for growth.
You have amongst you those of the first Ray direct.
They are those in the garden
of our brother Master Morya.
But undirected, unguided,
not chaperoned in Love
the gardeners will break up the lawn,
work up the flower beds,
kill the blossoms, and all will be lost.
Hearken unto their call.
Their spring is upon them.
Under the ground their roots do stir.
The bulbs do swell, and the corms do shoot.
In branches they grow, so dear and sweet.
But tend them not and they will rot.
See you to it that your brothers of the first
grow immersed in a sea of Love.
Tell them they grow on it, within it, of it.
The blue blood that courses through their veins.
Divorced from Love, they turn but black.

Initiation rests upon the Spirit of the Seventh.
I have given you all a mandate.
The passage to my chamber rides upon the Avatar’s horse.
Redouble your efforts, expect nothing in return.


99. Untitled

Divinity descends as my
bursting heart yields.
The little will bends
as wheat in the wind,
over shimmering fields.
Follow the swallow’s wing
as it slices the air.
Hear the Earth sing
and watch the Sun flare.
On we march with our shield.
To weary worlds we dare,
a flaming sword we wield.
At His sacred feet we kneel.


100. Untitled

May each human heart sup from the cup of love from the Sun.

The bounty of our love to come
is a never ending Source of Love.
that floods the Heart with grace sublime.

The nectar of our Grace is thine
to sup from the lips of a dove.
The jewelled ruby of Love is thine.

Remember the time
when my lips were thine.
The nectar of our Love
filled both your heart and mine.

The doorway of the Sun is open now
step into the land of milk and honey.
Honeysuckle wine be thine.

With thine eyes aglow.
With fire in thine veins,
the bursting of thy Heart in love for thine
comes to fill all hearts with promise of thine.

Your bleeding Heart spins in time.
A whirling swastika of time.
From the centre to the periphery
is but a sweet step in time.

Your brothers and sisters sing with you.
A chorus of sound to swell the tide.
A mighty sound of power you will tell your time.
A bell it rings for you and thine.

O mighty warrior of space and time.
Swing your sword and cleave the time.
One half for thee and the rest for thine.

The Sun is sinking in the West
to rise again in the Eastern sky.
So we set and rise again to each new day.
With grace sublime.
Peace be with you and thine.