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Concerns of a student re some videos using Bailey material on Youtube

Sometimes all is not what it seems

Psychological tactics of manipulation in video form are used by all of our dark brothers.[1] Although one may originally seem to learn a lot from online videos, they can be used as a tool for the left-handed brother seeking to lure in potential victims. These tactics always lend themselves to concentration on the development of the lesser, lower psychic abilities of the human form, which tend to be shrouded in glamour, selfish pursuits, and the exploitation of others. Often, our dark brothers select information from bright sources, such as Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky, but filter and skew it to suit their agenda. The information will be presented in a fragmentary way, because if a student fully understood the wisdom of the higher teachings, it would disrupt the illusory web they are trying to construct.

[1] By ‘dark brother’ is meant: A) One who may genuinely be trying to teach the esoteric wisdom to others, but inadvertently is using the methodology of the dark brotherhood in doing so. B) A reincarnate member of the dark brotherhood, rediscovering the power of self- glorification and profit through the manipulation of the gullible via masquerading as a Master, a possessor of great wisdom, or as a healer.

How ‘helpful’ is it really?

Masquerading under the guise of enlightened teachings, information from dark sources are always skewed even if claiming to be helpful. For example, there is a self proclaimed teacher and healer on YouTube who publishes a variety of Alice Bailey videos along with several personal ‘instructive’ videos. This individual claims to be a healer able to provide people with various solutions to both spiritual and personal problems. In several of his personal videos, he attempts to get the viewer to create thought imagery regarding materialism, sensuality, and dark desires, through the technique of visualization, even though the videos themselves claim to be solutions to unhappiness. As someone who has published so many Alice Bailey video excerpts, he is clearly aware that he is misusing the visualization technique, which is supposed to create light where there is darkness, not the opposite. However, those new to Bailey’s teachings and in need of spiritual guidance make the best victims along the left-hand path. They do not realize how potently thought affects action, and unknowingly follow the exercises given by the darkened brother, blinded to their actual purpose and consequence. These exercises are always masked under the titles of being instructional and helpful, a technique that props the publisher up as a healer and teacher in an attempt to gather students and disciples to him.

One can become aware of whether the source behind a video is light or not by basing whether or not demands are made. For example, the individual mentioned above makes a statement in one of his videos that claims that if the viewers don’t agree with his perspective, then they’re wrong. This is an example of a type of threatening or ‘bullying’ technique that is often used by the one who desires to coerce people to follow their practices through the use of fear. The fear agenda has no place amongst white magicians, who instruct with a love and understanding, and with a respect for the process of free will, and would never threaten to coerce agreement with the teachings. Free will is key to an individual’s own karmic journey and progress, and to try to bully a student into agreement with the teacher and the teachings is a prime example of someone who is completely polarized from having the necessary equipment of compassion and Love-Wisdom needed to patiently stand by the student as he stumbles through his lessons in life, thus growing and evolving from the experience.

The actual ‘cost’ to you can be more than you realize

Another example of this type of fear tactic comes via the videos of another individual on YouTube, who demands blood oaths in exchange for his expertise or ‘trust’. Again, please note that any guidance from a source of Light and Wisdom, whether it be from the inner or outer realms, will never demand payment of any kind, as one can be misled on both realms.

Another indication that a video is motivated by dark sources is by the quality of sound that is heard. This is an illustration of how varying types of speech are used in order to manipulate the psyche. If a video is trying to ‘lull’ the viewer into a trance, speech is purposely slowed and lowered in octave. A key to understanding evil lays in understanding the differences between lethargy and speed. The ‘lulling’ affect that these sounds produce, replete with the thought intentions behind such motivations, create an unknown effect on the viewer, causing them to become more receptive to the content being peddled at them. Other forms of auditory techniques used by our dark brothers include ‘snapping’ or ‘clicking’ sounds at key moments within a video, so as to reinforce the content of what is being said into the mind of the viewer. In general, the repetition of any words that are of sluggish quality, such as ‘sleep’, ‘dream’, ‘alone’, or ‘lost’ are also indications that the video is attempting to disarm ones psyche and senses.

Don’t be ‘lulled’ into submission

‘Lulling’ is a technique that can be used in a multiplicity of ways, including in graphics. The effect can be manufactured by having the viewer watch objects spin or continuously increase and decrease in size. For example, another dark brother on YouTube publishes videos where he modifies the eyes on people in various videos, to bulge in and out of the heads in pulse-like fashion. Playing amongst the background of these spinning objects, are negative speech patterns and voices repeating dark-sourced content. This individual also claims that light is a trap in the after-death world. By rule of thumb, anyone that suggests one need move away from light, and into darkness, is functioning from a dark source. This same individual uses a different fear tactic of speech to coerce individuals to follow his propaganda, and that’s a very fast and loud speech pattern, which doesn’t allow space for the viewer to think in between his words or sentences and thus cannot process what he’s saying. Note, that information from a source of light will always be peaceful and paced.

Other images used to lull the viewer are those of gray and black colors. These lull the mind into hopelessness, allowing the mind to become more receptive to the illusory state being constructed in the video, and propel the viewer into a state of compliance with the information being proposed through the video. Color, sound, and imagery are a powerful combination and just as the dark magician uses them to feed on his prey, so can the white magician use them to identify the dark brother.

Another tactic used to lull the viewer in videos is that of sensual imagery. The neophyte, still unaware of the lower nature of man, the need to control it, and its disruptive affects on the higher self, will allow himself to respond to such an image without guard. As a result, he will be involuntarily chained to the information being presented, because the viewer is chained to his own bodily reactions, as opposed to his mind. This is a good observation in understanding the importance of the mind to liberate itself from the control of the form. If the body has not yet been trained to respond from the higher half of himself, he will be constantly swung back and forth by his lower self, every minute of everyday, reacting from a place of body rather than a place of mind.

When it’s all about boosting psychism, there’s something wrong

Videos, such as those claiming to promote the teachings of enlightened individuals, can often be misused by the dark brother to mislead the student into focusing on the sensual or lower forms of their psychic abilities. For example, the YouTube videos described at the beginning of this writing, claiming to promote the Alice Bailey wisdom teachings, are laden with how to develop the telepathic abilities needed to manipulate individuals to do as he pleases, such as getting women to want to engage with him romantically. Any reader of Bailey knows that this form of astralism is of a lower nature, and will only cause the student to focus on the abilities below the diaphragm, further encasing his fixation on the outer forms of reality. Any true esotericist will know that use of these lower capabilities is purely for selfish and material gain, and is ‘left-handed’ in nature. Those who watch these videos, unfamiliar with the destructive effects of such a slanted focus, will follow the instructions of the video blindly, causing themselves to become caught up in the illusory web of form. This has a dual pronged effect, as it additionally allows he who’s instructing the student, the dark brother, to create a window where he can in turn, begin to manipulate the viewer by weakening his higher mental capacities.

It’s all about context

Continuing with the previous example, the individual referenced above has strung together excerpts from Bailey’s writings in an attempt to collectively create a sense of desolation, taken in isolation from the entirety of her teachings, and diverting the viewer from the vastly more positive feel of Bailey’s work. The way they are presented, if listened to continuously, aid in breaking down the positive aspects of ones personal journey along the path and subsequent growth, as opposed to buttressing it with all the enlightening and beautiful qualities that are expressed in her writings. These edited videos collectively paint a picture for the neophyte that the path is lonely and bleak, encouraging that the devas should never be contacted, and to never trust others with psychic abilities. All these extractions, which have been taken out of context, work to slowly construct a mindset in the viewer that the publisher of the video is one of authority on the subject, and one to which they can turn to for a solution with coping with all the prior mentioned. In this way, he positions himself as the expert, one to turn to in a world of hopelessness and solitude, as he simultaneously professes his advanced abilities to heal and manipulate thought, establishing himself as the provider of the solution to the emotional dilemma he has just manufactured. His videos often have dark imagery and wording, such as ‘you love to suffer’, for example, which seems like it’s educating you on how not to suffer, but when the video is watched, his goal becomes to encourage one to visualize the worst suffering that they can imagine, as opposed to its antithesis, light and love. The videos are often worded in a way that foster distrust and isolation, but in an extremely subtle, or subconscious, manner. In his personal website he discourages people from following or grouping with others, leaving him as ‘the way’ for people to turn to. This is how a dark brother psychologically manifests emotional turmoil and doubt within an individual, to which he then presents himself as the solution to, thus gaining followers which he then in turn uses to manipulate energetically to suit his lower psychic, left-handed goals. For such a one, his goal is ultimately about himself, even if he says otherwise.

Always try to learn from your experiences

There was a time when I reached out to both of the individuals mentioned above, to question them about their videos, and their responses spoke volumes. I began corresponding with the individual on YouTube who demands blood oaths in exchange for knowledge or trust. He works in a much more fear driven way. His responses were much more aggressive, needing to establish himself as the intellectual authority in his responses, as the one dictating the knowledge, closed off any sense of sharing of wisdom. In the email he gave me the definition of a word and it’s possible origins, and then demanded a blood oath in exchange for more of his wisdom. In a messaged exchange with the individual who posted videos regarding Bailey, I mentioned what a great contribution they were online, to which he eagerly responded. When I then posed the question as to when he would put up a video for viewers on how Bailey discusses that the purposeful focus on the lower siddhis for personal gain is a left-handed practice, he stopped responding altogether. It’s interesting to note that this individual also has chosen an identity similar to another individual who posts Bailey video audios YouTube, using the same initials, who actually seems as if he has brighter intentions. This almost seems like it is meant to be intentionally confusing, misleading those who are benefiting from those videos that are from a bright source, to be funneled toward his web of darker intentions.

Practice discernment and always question the motives of the video

Many neophytes are unaware of the subliminal techniques that can be used in videos by the dark brother, to lure unsuspecting aspirants into their webs of power, submission, and exploitation. Often the disarming of a viewers mind will begin with the information being presented, as excerpts from valid sources, strung along in a presentation of sound, color and form, suited to provoke the negative emotional responses desired in the viewer, preparing their psyche to be receptive to manipulation. If one does not yet have the ability to distinguish the dark brother’s manipulative tendencies, and begins watching these forms of videos, they will slowly become caught up in the alluring web of the dark one’s promise of healing and educative teachings. These will work slowly, worming their way into the subconscious of the neophyte over time, deterring them from their path for years, or even complete lifetimes.

In general, if a video does not feel bright, or uplifting, in sound, color, or form, one can be assured that the content, whether consciously or not, and even if extracted from a higher source such as those of the Masters of Wisdom, will be geared toward the manipulative parasitic intentions of the dark ones. The true white magician, or teacher with earnestly well motivated intentions, will not focus on cultivating negative thought ideas, such as those of isolation, despair, sensuality and materialism, hopelessness, and emotionality. The true instructor will make one aware of how the inner world is one of light, love and joy, and will freely give without using fear, threats, or demand of payment. It’s essential to become aware of the difference between how the two forms of brotherhoods operate if one is to protect oneself, and others, from the vices of actions that could lead one down a path of karmic repercussions that could result in lifetimes of repayment. Love and light are the only true markers of Wisdom and enlightenment, regardless of what a dark brother would attempt to have one believe.




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  1. Rose 11/01/2017 at 3:51 am

    Thank you for the helpful tips on what to avoid. It’s easy to search on the internet for anything. To find a good quality true to the natural source video, takes more diligence for a beginning student and this post will help students on this path.

  2. Debbie 21/06/2017 at 10:06 pm

    This is a well informed article. Thank you for posting. My only comment is that these videos should be reported to YouTube as scams and misrepresentation of copyright material.

  3. Pascal 04/07/2017 at 11:32 am

    Dear Teacher, thank you for the tips! I feel that sometimes it is more difficult to identify sinister agendas posting as true knowledge. I recently came across the channellings of Kryon on youtube: and here is the original Kryon’s website
    While I’m usually deeply sceptical towards any forms of channeling and especially when they claim to be of pleiadien origin, because for my taste these teachings often sound a bit naive and seem to be clad in almost too bright colors to be credible, the content of the Kryon teachings sounds entirely positive to me and sort of makes sense on an intuitive level. What keeps me very sceptical is the almost hypnotic quality of presentation. And, of course, beside the hunch that there might be something to it, I have no possibility to verify the veracity of these revelations 🙂
    If it is not too much to ask and if you happen to have time to check them out I would love to hear your assessment.

  4. sangha 12/07/2017 at 4:45 pm

    Thanks for the question – and a good one it is too. I do not have much time to peruse the links that you have supplied, but can offer you some advice from the writings of D.K in the Book “Intellect to Intuition” by Alice Bailey.

    The Need for Discrimination

    …Students have to learn to discriminate between the fields of awareness which may open up before them as they become more sensitive to impression. Let us look for a moment at some of the phenomena of the lower mind which students are so constantly misinterpreting.

    They record, for instance, a rapturous encounter with the Christ or with some Great Soul, who appeared to them when meditating, smiled at them, and told them to “be of good cheer. You are making good progress. You are a chosen worker and to you truth shall be revealed,” or something similar….What has really happened? Has the student really seen the Christ?

    Here we remember the truism that “thoughts are things” and that all thoughts take form…. The power of the creative imagination is only just beginning to be sensed, and it is quite possible to see just what we desire to see, even if it is not there at all. The desire and strenuous effort of the aspirant to make progress opens up the psychic plane, the plane of vain imaginings, of desire and its illusory fulfilments….

    The world of illusion is full of these thought-forms, constructed by the loving thoughts of people down the ages. The one who meditates, working through the psychic nature (the line of least resistance for the majority) comes in touch with such a thought-form, mistakes it for the real, and imagines it saying all the things he or she wants said….All of us are in danger of being deluded in just this way, when we start to meditate, if the discriminating mind is not on the watch, or if we have a secret longing for spiritual prominence, or suffer from an inferiority complex which must be offset….

    The point that every student of meditation should always bear in mind is that all knowledge and instructions are conveyed to the mind and brain by one’s own soul; it is the soul that illumines the way. The Teachers and Masters of the race work through souls….Therefore, the prime duty of every aspirant should be the perfect performance of meditation and service and discipline, and not the making of contact with some great Soul. It is less interesting, but preserves one from illusion. If one does this, the higher results will take care of themselves.

    Should an apparition appear, therefore, and should such an entity make platitudinous comments, the student will use the same judgment as would be used in business or ordinary life with someone who came and said…”A great work lies in your hands, you are doing well. We see and know, etc., etc.” The student would probably laugh and continue with the activity or duty of the moment.

    (p. 243-48)

    …The first world the aspirant contacts seems usually to be the psychic world, and that is the world of illusion. This world of illusion has its uses, and entering it is a most valuable experience, provided that the rule of love and of non-self-reference is carried there, and that all contacts made are subjected to the discriminating mind and ordinary commonsense…. It is useful to record what is seen and heard and then to forget about it until such time as we have begun to function in the kingdom of the soul; then we will be no longer interested in its recollection.


    Inspirational Writings

    Another effect of meditation, and a very prevalent one at this time, is the flood of so-called inspirational writings which are coming out, with high claims made for them, everywhere….They emanate from many different interior sources. They are curiously alike; they indicate a lovely aspirational spirit; they say no new thing, but repeat what has often been said before; they are full of statements and phrases which link them up with the writings of the mystics or with the Christian teaching; they may contain prophecies as to future events (usually dire and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, of a happy nature)….

    How, it might be pertinently asked, can one distinguish between the truly inspired writings of the true knower, and this mass of literature which is flooding the minds of the public at this time?

    …The true inspirational writing will be entirely without self-reference; it will sound a note of love and will be free from hatreds and racial barriers; it will convey definite knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal to the intuition; it will respond to the law of correspondences, and fit into the world picture; above all, it will carry the impress of Divine Wisdom and lead the race on a little further….

    True servers of the race and those who have contacted the world of the soul, through meditation, have no time for platitudes; …they are not interested in the good opinion of any person, incarnate or discarnate, and care only for the approval of their own soul, and are vitally interested in the pioneering work of the world. They will do nothing to feed hatred and separativeness or to foster fear….They will fan the flame of love wherever they go; they will teach brotherhood in its true inclusiveness, and not a system which will teach brotherhood to a few and leave the rest outside.

    They will recognise all people as sons of God…;they will not regard one race as better than another, though they may recognise the evolutionary plan and the work that each race has to do. They will, in short, occupy themselves by building up the characters of people, and not waste their time in tearing down personalities, and dealing with effects and with results. They work in the world of causes, and enunciate principles. (p248-53)

  5. Chris 25/01/2018 at 5:44 am

    Always be wary of accepting information from any sort of channeling or anything/anyone claiming to be a higher power. The best and safest route to enlightenment is to focus on improving the self rather than depending on any higher power who could be anything. An adult can lie to a child without the child ever knowing.

    Self improvement is attained through control of the ego/emotion, control of the body, control of thoughts. Be safe in your learnings and avoid uncritical acceptance of things which you cannot know the truth of.

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