This talk on the Solar Plexus Centre (SP) was given by Bodo in Australia in 2011. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

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Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
The Manipura chakra or the Solar Plexus (SP) centre – the source of most of our woes! 0.00 3.22
The SP is the great cause of strife with humanity 3.22 7.20
The SP is a source of much aggression due to frustrations of the personality 7.20 7.40
But we have evolved from the past, even though we have samskaras to cleanse as a result 7.40 9.51
The entire path to liberation is to calm the energies of the SP and free yourself of its effects 9.51 10.31
It’s the control of the waters 10.31 14.07
You must understand the force of the SP 14.07 16.54
There is a natural place for the SP 16.54 17.23
The uncontrolled energies of the SP can open you up to sickness 17.23 18.11
We are proactively working on our SPs 18.11 21.54
It will take years of training to start to harness the SP! 21.54 22.31
Control of the SP is the gauge of your spirituality 22.31 24.11
It is a great task ahead of us to work on the SP – especially in the west 24.11 26.00
World history – the Roman Empire – an SP centre 26.00 29.02
Modern warfare is also SP based, as well as America being an SP centre 29.02 30.55
The effects of SP energy on a planetary scale 30.55 32.15
The SP centre from a yogic perspective 32.15 35.13
The true battle of discipleship is overcoming the animal nature of the SP 35.13 36.40
The endocrine glands, chakras and energy centres 36.40 38.31
What is the infancy of humanity? 38.31 43.40
Back to the 10 petalled lotus, Shambhalla and cosmic astral energy 43.40 45.43
1st Ray disciples need to hold within them a stronger amount of SP energy 45.43 46.34
What happens to you as you work on your SP? Its an alchemical process! 46.34 50.52
There is more to life than our watery little bodies! 50.52 51.49
2nd ray disciples and the SP 51.49 53.02
The third ray and the SP 53.02 53.25
Wrap up, comments from students, more summary 53.25 57.41