This was a talk given by Bodo over skype (so please forgive the variable quality of the recording) in 2011 introducing esoteric symbology. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

Please download it here and listen to it, rather than stream it from our website. (Right click on a PC or Control click on a Mac – on the link and ‘save link as’ to do this.)

It is also available on our resources page with other audio downloads.

Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
Introducing the triangle, square and circle – in relation to the samsara sunyata nexus 0.00 4.00
Chitta’ – the substance of mind, coming into form and the symbology around that 4.00 6.00
Bija’ seed – manifestation of form in the ‘dark space’ to create light via ‘friction’ 6.00 8.50
The monad – a circle with a dot in the middle 8.50 9.50
The addition of ‘the spiral’ within the circle to evolve 9.50 11.05
The circle with the line through the middle – the feminine principle in nature 11.05 12.10
The tau cross , the ankh, lines intersecting the circle – world of human affairs 12.10 15.30
When everything is contained in the circle – cosmological mandalic symbols / divinity 15.30 16.55
The importance of direction in space – N, S, E, W 16.55 19.45
Three concentric circles 19.45 20.53
The swastika 20.53 21.45
The sign of life – when the cross falls below the circle – spirit rising above matter 21.45 22.20
The moon as a cresent – the psychic domain, astral plane, wisdom, siddhis 22.20 24.50
A form of mandala through symbology 24.50 26.15
It’s all about the conversion of elementary ‘chitta’ – the generation of light 26.15 28.00
How this relates to your energetic work and internal battles 28.00 30.45
How this relates to the bridge in the samsara sunyata nexus 30.45 33.55
The central point within the sphere, the ‘five’ness, pentagram 33.55 36.55
Astrological signs – Aries, Taurus 36.55 39.06
The main symbols and their importance 39.06 41.20
Definition of an enlightened mind , the mind which is not attached to form 41.20 43.55
The minds of the Masters – what we are aiming to do with our minds 43.55 47.50
The dot in the sphere evolves into an eye 47.50 51.25