This was a talk given by Bodo in India in 2009 introducing the concept of meditation and the development of the heart. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

Please download it here and listen to it, rather than stream it from our website. (Right click on a PC or Control click on a Mac – on the link and ‘save link as’ to do this.)

It is also available on our resources page with other audio downloads.

Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
Different Teaching forms of Meditation – general info and our position, lifestyles 0.00 9.08
The importance of a ‘sanctified space’ 9.08 11.15
Development of the heart, the transitory form, awakening to greater realities 11.15 16.15
The modern day meditation, winds of change 16.15 20.25
The meditation mind, vipassana, and asanas, chakras 20.25 23.50
The line of least resistance – the dangers of kundalini, the release of energy – cleansings 23.50 29.30
Past life cleansings, the process of healing, initiation cleansings, elemental cleansings 29.30 33.10
What is the safe point of focus for meditation? The process of starting a meditation 33.10 40.15