This was a talk given by Bodo in France in 2010 explaining how the DB are trying to control the world. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

Please download it here and listen to it, rather than stream it from our website. (Right click on a PC or Control click on a Mac – on the link and ‘save link as’ to do this.)

It is also available on our resources page with other audio downloads.

Here is a brief outline of the contents of the talk:

  • DB are bracing to take over the world via 4 pillars – the first three are more obvious
  • The first pillar is on the physical plane and means military domination of the world
  • The second pillar is on global finance – by crippling many countries financially
  • The third pillar is political indoctrination – the doctrine of fear – “the war on terror” etc
  • The fourth pillar is religion in the form of scientific materialism