This was a talk given by Bodo in Australia in 2010 about the importance of service and how that interrelates with our karma. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

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Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
Obesiance to the Guru, Thanking Hierarchy and how they work with the group 0.00 3.40
How respect and gratitude helps on your path 3.40 6.50
Your Duty is to keep connected with Hierarchy – connecting to ‘reality’ 6.50 10.00
We are all ‘actors’ on this planet in physical manifestation 10.00 11.20
Our ‘role’ on this planet is to cleanse our Karma and develop wisdom and intelligence 11.20 12.45
Our soul and cosmic evolution of Monads – getting the ‘bigger picture’ 12.45 15.30
The concept of love or devotion in group monadic evolution and Karma 15.30 18.20
Your Karma is emotional, mental, mental emotional, physical 18.20 20.45
What is time? Evolution takes much time! The relativity of Time without the form. 20.45 24.35
The concept of time, cycles and ripening of Karma 24.35 28.05
Hierarchy’s way of ‘offloading your karmic baggage’ – we are lords of sacrifice 28.05 29.35
The recipe for a human unit and it’s evolution 29.35 32.00
Why would a monad want to be a Lord of Sacrifice? 32.00 37.00
Are you ready to let your bubbles burst? Looking past the materialism 37.00 43.30
Q. Is it possible for someone else to cleanse your sins and save you? (Vicarious attonement) 43.30 47.50
Q. Does one type of good karma wipe out another type of bad Karma? 47.50 53.00
Q. Is it necessary for us to cause suffering to others for us to then experience negative karma? 53.00 54.07
Q. is it possible for a soul to take on too much karma in one incarnation? 54.07 58.50
Q. Is pain and suffering the only path to light? 58.50 1.00.30
Q. What is the relationship between cleansing our karma and zapping? 1.00.30 1.19.15
Each individual must suffer their own karma – how group zapping can help 1.19.15 1.21.56
There are two types of zapping 1.21.56 1.23.06
Q. To help someone by zapping their attack – do you need to have been involved in that type of black magic to have an effect on it? 1.23.06 1.26.00
We have been generating our Karma for a long time!! 1.26.00 1.28
Q. How do you differentiste the Karma of the Leader from the followers? Group vs Individual, National, International and even cosmic Karma 1.28.15 1.36.18
A question about cause and effect 1.36.18 1.41.52
Q. Does emotional Karma have to play out on the physical plane only or can it be astral? 1.41.52 1.47.43
Q. If I killed 50 people, does that mean I have to be killed 50 times? 1.47.43 1.56.53
Q. Is it possible to be incarnate more than once simultaneously? What is a tulku? 1.56.33 1.57.00
Q. How can you have an equitable society as long as we are all cleansing our Karma? 1.57.00 2.00.50
The main purpose of Karma is to lessen your attachment to the physical 2.00.50 2.02.10
Q. Who decides when and how the Karma is played out? 2.02.10 2.06.10
A question on Karmic Cleansing Practices of the East – what are their effects and roots? 2.06.10 2.10.10
Q. What is a Puja? 2.10.10 2.13.15
War Karma situations 2.13.15 2.17.15
Q. How do we teach others about Karma? 2.17.15 2.19.14
Karma and the personality will, Ghenghis Khan 2.19.14 2.21.26
The Buddha and his teachinngs of Karma, why it’s important to know about Karma 2.21.26 2.28.00
What happens when you abuse a portion of your body – Devas, disease and karma 2.28.00 2.31.00