This was a talk given by Bodo in Australia in 2011 discussing the Deva Kingdom as a refresher for his current students as well as an introduction for new listeners. Below is a guide of the audio contents.

Please download it here and listen to it, rather than stream it from our website. (Right click on a PC or Control click on a Mac – on the link and ‘save link as’ to do this.)

It is also available on our resources page with other audio downloads.


Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
What is Deva? Deva is all! 0.00 3.05
Devas embody Mind 3.05 8.48
Devas are intelligent (Devas are Joy, Humans are Love) 8.48 11.57
Humans have to learn compassion to develop our consciousness 11.57 12.45
Devic substance is what allows Karma to unfold 12.45 16.05
Devas Obey, humans willfully manipulate 16.05 21.15
Our planet is a feminine body of manifestation – Humans educated the Devic way 21.15 29.14
Different types of Devas 29.14 31.01
Humans meditate to evolve our consciousness / dancing with the Deva kingdom 31.01 38.2
Relevance of the sign Virgo 38.20 39.5
The Pleaides, Lilluth 39.50 43.46
The feminine misuse of power examples and our role to activate compassion to correct this 43.46 49.55