This was a talk given by Bodo in Australia in 2011 concerning one of the heads of the 9 Headed Hydra.
More information on the other heads can be found in this article

Below is a guide of the audio contents.

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Audio Content Approx time start Approx time end
1 of 3 heads of the hydra to do with the physical plane 0.00 8.20
What is behind consumerism? The fiat currency system 8.20 15.35
Its all about the noble middle way 15.35 17.40
This hydra was a major problem in Atlantis 17.40 19.35
Basic human selfishness – the ‘mother’ of all evil, seperativeness is the ‘father’ 19.35 24.00
Carefully analyse your desire body – what is the right balance? 24.00 30.10
Actions that need to be taken to defeat this hydra 30.10 37.45
A note on Jesus and his 12 disciples and olden types of lifestyles 37.45 42.05
You must properly meditate on this hydra and challenge yourselves 42.05 45.20
Other types of material comforts – pseudo science 45.20 52.30
Follow the true middle way and more esoterically in context 52.30 53.20
Building the mandala of light 53.20 57.30
Giving up forms of thought and ego 57.30 1.01.20
Service and group resources, different societies 1.01.20 1.08.20