Our Philosophy

The School of Esoteric Sciences is a spiritual community committed to awakening wisdom through ethical living, meditation, ritual, study and service. We seek to unveil the hidden or esoteric truths behind all religions, spiritual traditions and world views, and at the same time elucidate and challenge the distortions therein. Our teachings attempt to go beyond dogmatism and superstition, integrating spiritual logic, scientific method, and meditative insight to perceive the nature of Love and universal Truth.

Utilising the principle of synthesis, we fuse ancient wisdom with the world’s best knowledge in philosophy, creative arts, politics, cosmology and modern science, to create an integrated understanding of the inner and outer universe. This approach assists people to sift through and rise above the growing deluge of information, to recognise the essential unity amidst diversity, and find sustenance in our modern world. We are dedicated to serving humanity with integrity, emphasising the union of inner transformation and outer service.

Meditation is a means to awaken higher spiritual perceptions and contact the Hierarchy (Lineage) of Enlightened Beings. Developing the meditation mind is a liberative process which assists individuals to find their own path.

We tailor meditation practices to individual need, according to each person’s nature and intention. The practical application of meditation, guided by love, is the foundation of all teachings and manifests as personal and planetary healing.

Ritual manifests a rhythm of spiritual life on the physical plane. It is consistently focused intention which must be empowered by the heart in service to all. We use ritual practices to build protected sacred spaces, conducive of meditative quiescence, anchoring energies from higher subtle realms.

Study The development of the mind balances the heart’s wisdom with spiritual discrimination. Study and reading form the ocean of knowledge from which the reflective wisdom can shine forth.

We strongly encourage an esoteric study of various spiritual traditions, religions, philosophies, social movements and history. This provides a basis for understanding both one’s experiences in meditation and one’s experiences in the world.

Service We encourage students to wisely participate in any field of service they can, especially that which is group oriented. Selfless service is the path to develop the will of universal Love and compassion. This contributes towards future fields of unified service to humanity.

People are welcome to access our community via:

Our Centre

The School of Esoteric Sciences is an active spiritual organisation, based in Australia.

  • We are dedicated to uplifting our visitors, and strive to support them to gain more clarity, stillness and purpose in their lives.
  • We offer face to face teachings and meditation training.
  • We publish books, pamphlets, audio presentations, and a website.
  • We have an esoteric library with an extensive range of subjects to facilitate in-depth research and further studies.
  • We encourage conscious, sustainable, group co-habitation with an emphasis on a wise use of resources.

Our community

At The School of Esoteric Sciences our teachings are deeply integrated into our daily lives. Being part of a spiritual organisation offers the wisdom and support needed to awaken to the path of Love. Our students are trained in the Esoteric Sciences and Buddhism, which include:

  • Mastery of the body, emotions and mind, through challenging ones habits, desires and illusions.
  • The study of esoteric healing, including an understanding of chakras, karma, rebirth and the nature of subtle energies.
  • The study of esoteric astrology and cosmology.
  • The development of higher logic and the intuition.
  • The use of practical meditative methods to transmute inner and outer negative forces.
  • The manifestation of wisdom and compassion through the complete union of Heart and Mind.
  • The awakening to enlightenment consciousness through the removal of all obscurations.

The Future Vision

We envision that a group of beings thus empowered, could actively raise the consciousness of humanity and work to stimulate progressive changes in the fabric of civilisation. By teaching and promoting ethical laws and systems, based on the application of Love and Wisdom, we aim to liberate people from circumstances of oppression and injustice. We believe this is the manifestation of enlightenment consciousness in global service.