Since the late 1960s Bodo Balsys has dedicated his life to understanding the nature of consciousness and sharing his unique insights with others. He is a writer, a poet, an artist, a meditation teacher and healer. He has studied extensively across multiple fields of life. These include Esoteric science, meditation, healing, cosmology, Christianity, Buddhism, natural science, art, politics and history.

In his writing and teaching Bodo integrates his extensive intellectual study with many decades of meditative training and unique esoteric awarenesses. As a consequence Bodo is unique in his ability to provide a highly integrated analysis of multiple and competing world-views and philosophies of knowledge. His advanced esoteric knowledge and insight enables him to harmonise the multiple facets of life­­, providing a compelling argument for the innate unity of all things.

Bodo has published multiple books. His first series, The Revelation (three volumes), was concerned with providing insights into fundamental esoteric subjects, and specifically providing an esoteric understanding of the Christian Bible. His more recent books focus on providing new insights into Buddhism and particularly their alignment with esoteric science. Bodo also holds a science degree from the University of Western Sydney. He is currently teaching at the School of Esoteric Sciences (near Sydney), which he established.

Photo of Bodo Balsys