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The Monad and the 3rd Initiation


In this talk on the Monad and the 3rd Initiation, Bodo discusses cosmic initiations, kundalini, the difference between the Monad and the Soul, the Monad's journey and the concept of [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume Three


The Buddha-Womb and the Way to Liberation This volume resolves the ontology from the two previous volumes concerning the concept of a ‘subtle self’. First a commentary of the Tantra [...]

Communications 101-108


101. Untitled Beware, the light of the dove descends. But first it must thread together the holes of time that were made by the sea of nothingness and illusion. All [...]

Communications 91-100


91. Untitled Hail, Oh mighty Lanoos (A specific reference to 1st Ray Ashrams.) With the Wisdom dragons you begin to weave anew. The glamour of past isolation begins to fade. [...]

Communications 81-90


81. Dear One Fear not, for ever does darkness bring the Light of Day. These inner changes are of a most urgent nature. For strict obedience to the Higher One [...]

Communications 71-80


71. Untitled Manifest the will of mind, you alienate the Heart. Manifest the heart of self, you lose the song of Joy. Manifest your reason to sound, you lose the [...]

Communications 61-70


61. Shiva and the Dogs of War Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh what fun it is to throw my Fires. You have seen me before. I dance with delight in the [...]

Communications 51-60


51. This communication concerns the qualities needed to be developed by those that are to become Lords of the seven Rays that stand before the Throne of Deity and who [...]

Communications 41-50


41.Untitled Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war. Carry the cross of Jesus, carry it for them all. Take the sword I gave to Paul. Take it, take them all. [...]

Communications 31-40


31. Communication in relation to John 11:39-40 And there were toxins in the body of men. And the toxins were flushed out By the living blood of the Christ. And [...]

Communications 21-30


21. Untitled Beware little ones, tarry not, lest the energy disperse before it begins. The evolution of the spheres of activity is slow whilst the motion of the Rays activates [...]

Communications 11-20


11. Untitled We stand in the Heart united as One. Pointing our Swords from the Spiritual Sun. Let Darkness dispel through Power of Light. The past is released, the future [...]

Communications 1-10


1. Untitled He looks at me with eyes of wine, He beckons me to look into the holy vestiges of time. I am drawn to Him, this Love of mine. [...]

The Mother of the World


She hearkens in robes of blue-green, red and gold. The Mother of the World stands steadfast, silently looking from far-off heights. Yet of Her substance we all are imbued, closer [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume Two


Considerations of Mind - a Buddhist Enquiry This volume primarily focuses upon the Yogācāra-Vijñānavādin concepts of mind and its means of expression such as the various consciousnesses, the nature of [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume One


The 'Self' or 'Non-self' in Buddhism A cogent reinterpretation of many of the key arguments of Mahāyāna philosophy, providing new insights in relation to the question of what a ‘self’ [...]

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