Communications 91-100


91. Untitled Hail, Oh mighty Lanoos (A specific reference to 1st Ray Ashrams.) With the Wisdom dragons you begin to weave anew. The glamour of [...]

Communications 71-80


71. Untitled Manifest the will of mind, you alienate the Heart. Manifest the heart of self, you lose the song of Joy. Manifest your reason [...]

Communications 51-60


51. This communication concerns the qualities needed to be developed by those that are to become Lords of the seven Rays that stand before the [...]

Communications 41-50


41.Untitled Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war. Carry the cross of Jesus, carry it for them all. Take the sword I gave to Paul. [...]

Communications 31-40


31. Communication in relation to John 11:39-40 And there were toxins in the body of men. And the toxins were flushed out By the living [...]

Communications 21-30


21. Untitled Beware little ones, tarry not, lest the energy disperse before it begins. The evolution of the spheres of activity is slow whilst the [...]

Communications 11-20


11. Untitled We stand in the Heart united as One. Pointing our Swords from the Spiritual Sun. Let Darkness dispel through Power of Light. The [...]

The Mother of the World


She hearkens in robes of blue-green, red and gold. The Mother of the World stands steadfast, silently looking from far-off heights. Yet of Her substance [...]

Love always Gains


"Consistently applied to any situation, love always gains. It is an empirically determined fact. Love is the best policy. The best not only in regard [...]

Stance to the Initiate


"Be the Transformer Practise Silence Meditation deepens your listening Be aware of Our Presence at all time Yield more. Battle less. In the silence of [...]

My Mind!


My Brain, My Brain - it's like the rain! tip tap tip tap - do this  do that! ahhh for the stillness of a lake [...]

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