The Mother of the World


She hearkens in robes of blue-green, red and gold. The Mother of the World stands steadfast, silently looking from far-off heights. Yet of Her substance we all are imbued, closer [...]

My Mind!


My Brain, My Brain - it's like the rain! tip tap tip tap - do this  do that! ahhh for the stillness of a lake the sweeping gentleness of the [...]

Present of the Past Forgot


  Thinking of my earthly lot Of trammels that the mind forgot Driven now well far away To origins of pain allayed Mystery unfolds the hour (whence begot this mortal [...]

Deva Poems


  Beings of a life unseen, Silent goddess, Radiant queen, Speak in tones of white and green, Speak in song, an elixir heard in dream.   See the past and [...]

Strip Yourself Bare


. Strip yourself bare From the folly you wear Instead stand attuned To the jewels that you are to shower And become nothing more Than the gift waves of love [...]

Devas in Delight


. In the chakras high we fly tonight, In the chakras high we land insight, Observe the sullied ways of the lower four. Freedom there can not be If polarised [...]

Ode to Mother-Space


 . Deep Blue Mother. Blue Mother of Space. Mother Blue fortitude. Blue Mother of space. We do sing to you, sing to you. Blue Mother of Space. Blue Mother of [...]