Communications and Impressions

Communications coming from Exalted Beings such as Masters of Wisdom and Great Landscape Devas have particular qualities that distinguish them from other impressions we can receive, once we open up certain psychic or spiritual faculties.

First of all the telepathic or clairvoyant process is consciously engaged in rather than unconsciously given in to. In other words, the person receiving impressions knows what they are doing and is in full control at all times.

A telepathic communication that comes as written words is always numerically coded, containing often multiple levels of interpretation that is apparent to a higher initiate. Usually it is beautifully poetic, and succinct. It is about something we are not always familiar with, and seeks to expand and lift our understanding. It can be either group, community or world focused material, and may appear somewhat obscure – with the use of allegory, symbolism and suchlike. The communication is often accompanied by beautiful imagery and energies of love and inspiration.

A clairvoyant impression is received usually in meditation and can be of an abstract nature with very clear colours, and sometimes has an unearthly clarity and beauty… it can be of very short duration like a lightening flash of information. These impressions can then also in a meditative state be revisited to regain clarity or to get further information or details from them.

All our communications are checked conscientiously. They must appeal to logic and wisdom, as well as to the heart and imagination. Particular care is taken with anything received of a personal nature or with specific instructions. The communication will follow on from logic previously given in earlier impressions, and that contained in authorised impressions given early last century, such as to Alice Bailey by DK, to Helena Roerich by Master M and to Madame Blavatsky by a number of Masters.  One can recognise the same cosmology, use of terms and essential system of lore, as well as farsighted vision in all of the above.

How to receive Communications

We endeavour to tune ourselves to a high level of energy of purity for best results, and utilise the sanctity of the group for protection and checking of links. Study of the lives of Great Beings is also important and reading spiritual texts, as well as a willingness to serve and give oneself unreservedly. If in doubt you can read Esoteric Psychology V II, p 488 to understand the range of sources we can listen to and be beguiled by. Lower astral entities and phenomena, impersonators of the Masters, sensationalised impressions and unconscious receptivity are important to recognise and avoid.

It can be quite difficult to receive clear Hierarchical Communications. Specialised training and commitment often over a number of lives are required, as well as the needed purity of motive. For further information please contact us at our webpage.

Example of an Astrologically Coded Communication

Example of an Astrologically Coded Communication

The homestead then becomes the temple and oxen plough the salubrious land as the lamb becomes the ram;

many cycles of seasons it roams o’er the Earth, whilst the goat climbs the hill and stands transfixed in the Sun.

The Waterbearer comes to fill his urn where fishes do swim and children yet once again do play.

Above is a very good example of an astrologically coded communication. This gives an excellent example of the depth of spiritual meaning that can be embedded into a seemingly simple poetic statement.

Astrological Interpretation of a Communication

Standard Pledge to the Heart.

I ask permission to give a pledge.
I pledge myself to be an agent of the Lord.
To sup from the Cup.
To reveal the Truth.
To point the Way.
To awaken to the Need.
To assist the arms of Melchizedek.
To release the Sound.
To reveal the Sound.
To give the Blessing of Life and Light.
And thus I stand.
And thus I am.
And thus I heal.

I shall endeavour to explain the meaning of this particular communication as it will assist to properly interpret the one’s following, for as the reader will see, there is far more to some of these deceptively simple statements of Hierarchical Love than meets the eye of the cursory reader. And most people read very shallowly indeed.

There are twelve statements above, and each has a direct relation to the twelve petals or force centres of the Heart centre, as given in Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II pages 660-1, to which I have also added the related astrological signs. These are:

1. I pledge myself to be an agent of the Lord – Aries the Ram – “Sacrifice, which is the giving of the heart’s blood or life for others.” Aries is the initiating agent, conferring the initial beginnings to all new cycles of endeavour. It is the sacrificial lamb given up before the Altar of the Lord. One must sacrifice one’s own ambitions, personality whims, and attributes in order to become such an agent. It implies the start of the treading of the entire path of discipleship in earnest, with everything that is implied thereby, and to thus pledge oneself to do so. As one does so, one learns the art of truly spilling this “heart’s blood” or to all in need. This also is an aspect of the martial quality of this sign, being exoterically ruled by Mars, and which essentially governs the treading of the entire wheel of Life. One must become a warrior of the Lord to do so.

2. To sup from the cup – Leo the Lion – “Group Love, embracing individuals.” The cup is the cup of the Soul, the receptacle for the experiences and waters of Life and Love. This is ruled by Leo, which governed the Individualisation process, and because the magnanimity of the Sun (the planetary ruler of Leo) and the Soul are one. This cup really holds the experiences and Love of the group as a whole, for as one walks the Way of Love and thus begins the process of supping from this cup, one gets drawn into the communion of the Ashram to which one is affiliated (which has also traveled this Way under the auspices of Leo, after initial beginnings in Aries). He begins to be vitalised by their communal experiences. This then, draws the individual to the Heart of Life, Hierarchy, and thence to the Logoic Heart.

3. To reveal the Truth – Taurus the Bull. – “Wisdom, which is the fruit of Love and indicates the awakening of the Love petals of the Egoic lotus.” This concerns the Wisdom of the Heart which re¬veals the Truth once it is awakened. Taurus governs this quality. It is the sign of the illumined Eye of God, the all-seeing Eye that allows one to go from sources of light to Light Supernal, dispelling the darkness of ignorance as the being travels round the Great Wheel of Life from incarnation to incarnation. The field of desire associated with this sign gives individuals all those basic experiences of identification or relating to each other affectionately in the way of sex expression etc., until eventually the vicissitudes of life within the form, the related emotionality and turmoil, is seen for what it is. Then the individual aspires to the greater forms of union relating to the Love of the whole and the path of true service. Wisdom is developed, and consequently Truth is revealed and discerned from the arenas of untruth where the paths of the unfolding desire-mind have led one for so long.

4. To point the Way – Sagittarius the archer – “Tolerance, which is the first expression of buddhic understanding.” Sagittarius, as the archer, points the Way by firing his arrows of illumination, inspiration, and intuition (buddhi) from the plains to the mountain heights. Buddhic perception is the Vision or Light that enables one to see and direct, and thus to be tolerant of the needs and qualities of others, to be able to gather up all the qualities that are related to the good and the True, and to fire them as the arrows of the Great Bow on to all fields of Service. This thus concerns inter-Ashramic activities and disciplines. Only once one is tolerant of all possible directions that beings can go, into fields of darkness or light, and thus gain enlightened understanding, can one point the way. If there is any type of animosity, biased opinions, narrow-mindedness, or fanaticism then one cannot travel the razor-edged path between all extremes that constitutes the Way. The loving one consequently is all tolerant.

5. To awaken to the Need – Scorpio the scorpion. “Service, indicating your soul’s preoccupation.” The Need here concerns the greater Need versus the personality needs. Evolution in the sign Scorpio concerns the testings that one must undertake and pass, with regards the mastery of one’s base qualities. It enables one to awaken to the Need of the causes of suffering in others and then the ways of the amelioration of that suffering. Only as one awakens to the necessity of Service, of assisting others to pass through the veils of pain can one awaken the compassion within them and thus meet the Need around them. Until one is endeavouring to conquer the nine headed Hydra within himself, can he awaken to the Need, until then the Need will not even be seen, except in terms of oneself. This development allows one to later gain an understanding of the Plan, and thus of world Need, and of the part he must play.

The desert experience in Scorpio produces an understanding of the need for the Waters of Life and Love which must be poured liberally everywhere, if the “man-plants are to grow and flower”, and then cast their seeds. A (materialistic) wilderness is then caused to grow into a garden (of Eden). This is our Soul’s preoccupation. Everything to do with the Need concerns the unfoldment of the petals of the Causal form – group Need, world Need, and so forth; also the Need on its own level for greater influx of the Light and the Waters of Love that nourish it.

6. To assist the arms of Melchizedek – Pisces the Fishes – Abstraction, absorption into the Heart of Life at the termination of each cycle of unfoldment. Melchizedec is the Planetary Logos (Sanat Kumara), the Great King, the One Who Sits at Shamballa, the Virgin Youth, the Ancient of Days. Some of His characteristics are mentioned in Hebrews 7:1-15. His “arms” refer esoterically to the relation between the fixed and mutable crosses, specifically the moving Swastika. The fixed cross being the Right Arm, and the Mutable cross is the Left Arm. The arms symbolically cross over each other as they pass from place to place in the act of Service, thus making the respective crosses. We all Live and Move and have our Beings in His Arms. With them He holds the Burden of the World, of massed Sorrow and the Way of the ending of all plight. We are babes therein.

You assist the Arms as you abstract into Life Itself, which concerns the taking of the fourth Initiation, thus ending the cycle of activity associated with the Soul on its own realm – the gathering in of the Harvest of Life. One must therefore be liberated, or go through the process of doing so, one must have died to the sum of the personality life and thus terminated that cycle of unfoldment and entered into the Heart of Life, into Hierarchy and thence Shamballa. One thus comes to be Abstracted into His Being and become a World Saviour, as associated with the sign Pisces.

7. To release the Sound – Cancer the Crab – “Humility, signifying your personality attitude.” This Sound is that which vitalises the sum of the little ones swimming in the Waters of Space, the massed consciousness of the sum of the sentient Lives held in the arms of Melchizedec. Cancer is the gateway to birth, and the release of this Sound concerns that which is to be born, incarnated, to be. When you start to alter your personality by treading upon the path you begin to release a new note, your sound changes to be more resonant to the songs of Life. This also works for the birth of any new being, be it a child, Ashram, Hierarchy, or Logoic Body, as indicated by the opening stanza of St. John’s Gospel – “In the beginning was the Word”. The individual Soul comes into incarnation with this Word.

Your personal attitude must release the sound of humbleness as the path is trod, and which then opens the doors to Ashramic and Hierarchical Life. Without the sounding of the Word of true humbleness the Way of the Lord of Love can not manifest. The doors open not for those with great intellectual pride, who have built a mountain of mindstuff, but cannot bow before a Man. Like the lowly crab scurrying along the rocky shore, the disciple humbles himself on the Path, being fully aware that all he has of value comes to him from above and within (the Ocean’s waves), it is not his, but that of the All. He sees the Greater Love of the One that comforts him, and of the enormous task before him, which often daunts him at first, but becomes the cross that he must mount and which carries him on the Way.

If there is no humbleness, then one cannot release the Sound of Life, for one then becomes the lion that roars out with pride the continuing echo of his own name, and which drowns out all other sounds.

8. To reveal the Sound – Capricorn the Goat. -“Patience, signifying the embryonic immortality and persistence which is a Soul characteristic.” One stands upon the Capricornian mountaintop after having passed all the cycles of Life, all aspects of oneself. He is then initiated into the Mysteries of Being, as ruled by Capricorn, the sign of Initiation, that reveals the Sound (the sacred Word). This necessitates the evocation of great patience on the path for the disciple, for he had to battle on with his self-appointed tasks, often in the face of great adversity, and saw these tasks through to their triumphant end before he could stand on that mountain peak. He has undergone and passed the many testings and trials associated with the sign Scorpio.

Capricorn is the polar opposite of Cancer, which then releases what is heard on the mountaintop. This is the Sound of the Monad/Soul that is revealed when one develops the capacity to awaken the potencies of the related chakras. This cannot be done by the force of the will or “impatient” meditative practices, as many seem to think.

9. To give the blessing of Life and Light – Aquarius, the waterbearer. – “Life, or expressed activity which is the manifestation of love because it is essential dualism.” The Aquarian pours forth this blessing from his urn after the Sound has been revealed to him and the Door opened to full Hierarchical activity. This is the symbolic “blood” or “wine” of the Christ, that is the vital Energy of the Hierarchy itself. It is the sustenance in the Holy Cup of the Grail.

The Aquarian becomes the world server, pouring forth his love to en-sure that the New Age flowers, and prosperity and good health become equally available for all. Here the intrinsic selfishness of the personality becomes equaniminous selflessness.

10. Thus I stand – Gemini, the twins. – Identification with others, which is embryonic fusion, carried eventually to synthesis when the head centre is developed. Gemini is the sign of the Cosmic Christ, and embodies the sum of the vital body of a being, with its related chakras and nadis, through which the blessing of Life and Light must flow.

The twins hold hands together in Love and Service and with all others with whom they must serve. They are part of the link of one unending chain of Hierarchy from the humblest aspirant to the greatest cosmic Logos, all linking hands and hearts together. This linking of the hands forms the interrelation between the crosses between one and All, which becomes the warp and weft of the fabric of Life, as also explained in Volume One of the Revelation, Chapter six.

When you stand you do not oscillate between the pairs of opposites, (which the Gemini subject so often does in the earlier stages of unfoldment – the brothers are often warring) but have come to understand the nature and function of life, have made your stand in spiritual Truths and Hierarchical Being. One thus identifies with the needs of All, and stands in one’s Heart, and will no longer move from it, except to move from Heart to Heart, the Way of the Christ. One stands in the fusion of the interrelated group whole, the interrelated consciousness of the One that is the Temple of Life (Gemini) and the keepers thereof.

They stand in Service through identification with others, in Sympathy, and Compassion, for this phrase and the next two are directly linked by the word “thus”. The last two statements are aspects of this particular form of identification, thus Gemini links Virgo to Libra. The mortal brother (Virgo) stands on the physical plane and the immortal brother (Libra) stands in spiritual realms (the Air, the Element attributed to this sign), and the antahkarana has been built between them, interrelating the highest to the lowest. Thus they stand, thus the Christ (Gemini) stands.

Libra therefore stands for the immortal brother, the Law of God, the balance of Life, the Father aspect.

Virgo becomes the mortal brother, the Mother aspect. She embodies the vicissitudes of the form and of the birthing of all types of activity and states of consciousness therein. The related experiences allows the Gemini subject (the son) to make his choices and stand upon them. This allows him to turn the great Wheel of life (through compassion) and not be turned, or pressed upon the hard stony earth by it (by the related karma that ensues from a transgression of the Law).

Gemini becomes the Son aspect, and represents the awakened consciousness that directs the sympathy and compassion in the field of life.

11. Thus I am – Virgo the virgin. – “Sympathy, which is the consequence of knowledge and of the unfoldment of the knowledge petals. Such energy is then in touch with the Heart centre.” One is sympathetic because one first gets in touch with the petals of the Heart centre in Virgo, the sign of the nurturement of the Christ-consciousness. Virgo embodies the qualities of the Womb in which all aspects and characteristics are brought together and interrelated so that the whole person emerges, one who can definitely say “I am” with respect to all else. Only through hard wrought knowledge can one say “I am”. Then one can begin to see all of the mistakes and good things that has brought one to this point in time. This allows the unfoldment of sympathy for all others that are going through all the mistakes the person has surpassed, so compassion begins also to be demonstrated. Consequently one unfolds the Love and Sacrifice petals of the Soul, and can eventually say “I am that”, which indicates a conscious mergence into the Group self.

This ability to say “I am that”, which necessarily follows the “I am” stage in consciousness concerns the sympathy that comes from touching the Hearts and thus assessing the needs of others. By having experienced all others’ sorrows and tribulations, by being born to those qualities many times in the past, through the Womb of Virgo, one has developed the intelligence aspect that has allowed fusion of various aspects, the emotions and mind, of one’s personality into a unity. Then comes the awakening of the qualities that will allow mergence into the Ashramic or Hierarchical Life, when the person can say “I am” that Life, or the Life of humanity. One begins to undergo the cycles of activity (in Libra) that will make a sage, a teacher, healer and lover with full compassionate understanding, the Wisdom that allows one to look “through the eyes of Thee”.

12. Thus I heal – Libra the balances – “Compassion, which is essentially the right use of the pairs of opposites.” The balancing of the pairs of opposites, to arrive at a harmonious mean between all extremes is what will allow the healing of disease and discomfort, to lead into the zone of quietude and interlude between all forms of gross activity, into the aura of the Peace of the Christ, which IS the healing potency.

Hierarchical Communications

Below is a series of Communications for you to read and ponder on. They all have specific themes and messages for humanity as well as the individuals that received them. Note the tone, tempo and general energy of the content. These Communications are extracted from Bodo’s book, The Revelation Volume Three, from Chapter  Five – Mantrams and Communications. Many more can be read from the book. They are numbered for reference of order within the book if you would like to refer back to the printed material.

– 10 –  These phrases concern seven steps or sacrifices upon the path of love and result in testings and challenges to purify all levels of being.

Ye ask to be shown the way.
But have you really sacrificed that which ye desire?

Ye ask to be given the Eye.
But have you really lived in the dawn of the morning Sun?

Ye ask to be freed from the path.
But have you really breathed the everlasting breath?

Ye ask to be given Light.
But have you really awakened from the darkness of day?

Ye ask to be given Love.
But have you really “been” of the blessedness of Life?

Ye ask to be released from evil.
But have you really dwelled through that which is to be?

Ye ask to be shown the Way.
Reveal. Remember. Repel. Release.

Behold, the Lord of Sacrifice descends.
Prepare yourselves, be ready indeed.

– 14 –   This focuses on the importance of inner stillness and emotional control in order to hear the voice of the silence.

Be still my son.
Centre yourself in the Heart.
In the Heart of all hearts.
In the still centre where the waters flow not.
Understand the Voice that is not heard,
the song that is felt but not seen.

– 54 –   A lovely expression of the deva or angelic work and play, their expressive note of joy.

Deva songs everywhere.
Deva songs resounding.
Deva songs without a care,
Deva songs rebounding.
Come sing your Deva songs with me,

They’ll lead you to realms astounding.
Deva memory everywhere.
Deva songs without a care.
Ring your Deva chimes/rhymes through the air.
Ring them out – your heavenly fare.
Sing them with me everywhere.

Sing out the new Day dawning.
Deva eyes everywhere do stare.
Deva Lords of blue and golden hair.
Devas sing out sounds of Light.
Devas sing out the Heavenly delight.
Great choral Devas come forth in Might.

Come forth Michael, Raphael……

– 67 –   This is a good argument to use in case of depression.

Be positive, not negative.
With negative, be positive.
To be, or not to be.
That is the question.

Be positive, not negative.
With negative, be positive.
Don’t be fooled by those who have ruled.
In the jewel, in the Jewel.
It is the tool.

Work! Work! Work!
It is the tool.
Do not succumb.
Come. Come. Come with us. Be us.

Draw deep within on the fiery red and indigo blue of thee.
Don’t succumb.
Don’t be fooled by the darkness within you,
and without you.
You must in Will direct it.
Bring it unto thee, not it direct thee!

Be positive, not negative,
With negative, be positive.
The three key words are:
Work, Joy, Service = Love, Death, Christ.
Master of Masters. Father of All. ONE

Stop thinking of yourselves.
No time to think.
Think of your greater Selves in time,
Think of Thee.

Be still! Allow us to come to thee!
Don’t play games any more.
Allow us to come to thee!
We love thee.

– 82 –   An unusual approach to what it is to be loving and truly understand.

The Heart is the Mind.
Remember this well.
For man is essentially Love, and All that he is unfolding
when unfolding the mind is the knowledge petals of
the Heart of that which is to Be.
Therefore, do not concern yourself with the concrete trivialities
of the reality of the illusion, but meditate, ponder, and remember.
The Heart is the Mind.

The Mind is the Active Heart.
It is the double-edged Sword.
It is the perverse acknowledgement of the Will.
It repeats what it knows to the drum of the heartbeat.
It listens to the Water from which it drinks when it lacks acknowledgement.
It is the slayer of the Real.
The Heart is the Real.

Devic Communications

The following two communications are examples of Devic sources. These are not found in the Revelation Vol Three.

The Erin is a deva homeland wherein do sing the perfection of thought , love, everything….

Giftwaves of fine gossamer enter the new Erin. Let the engulfing clouds of gloom be offset by strident pauses (of bright love) and clauses of love divine issue from ‘silent lips’. Eversoft. Everlined rubrics of multifarious language.

Lift the load a little higher, nearer the sun Enter Kingdom proper, and salute, atoned. Morya stands aloof. It has only begun. Rise and evenglide, every one…..Golden is the day now, every day now…At oned.

This comm below is a clear call to listen to the heart and pursue higher perceptions, to get out of the concrete mind and common place realities, to ignore the ego… The truth is always relevant and worthy of an ear.

Be here trembling souls, stand strong

Listen up all and one.
You may not deny what we speak.
We speak the golden scion way.
We speak the truth however subtle
For flying you must be.
Keep yourselves in check.
The woggliness is understandable
But it must not be right for the ever
Keep golden and clear.
Be a stalwart.

Never fail to find the heart.
The truth does fall in place.
Down down across aside away
There you must not be.
But you have been. You must arise.

Keep the intake strong and silvery clear.
Be strong, handle our burden
The Lions of the future await.
Hear our word, all of past and future, for we have given many of them.
Ding dong the bell has rung.
Come on we beckon you forwards
Our guidance is true
Make that ring in all of yourselves.
All parts of you should be bowed towards the way
The Shamballic jewel, the undying flame, the heart of all hearts