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A Treatise on Mind: Volume 1


The 'Self' or 'Non-self' in Buddhism

A cogent reinterpretation of many of the key arguments of Mahāyāna philosophy, providing new insights in relation to the question of what a ‘self’ may or may not be, relativistically perceived as an I-consciousness in light of the doctrine of the Void (śūnyatā). The major classical logic relating to such things as the Two Truths, Dependent Origination, the Sevenfold Reasoning, are properly examined by presenting an esoteric view (the Dharmakāya Way) that represents the middle way between extremes. In doing so many concepts are modernised and inherent errors expunged via the presentation of a new valid hermeneutic.

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474 pages, softcover  ©2016



The ‘Self’ or ‘Non-self’ in Buddhism is volume one from a seven volume treatise on Mind.

Whilst the numbers of Buddhists are growing in the world, the techniques and discourses of Buddhism have not changed to meet the radically different conditions of the contemporary world. Thus Buddhism needs a true restorative flowering to rival that of the renaissance of debate and innovative thinking of the early post-Nāgārjunian era. In order to achieve this it must synthesise the present wealth of scientific knowledge, alongside the best of the Western world’s philosophical output – this is the primary task of this seven volume treatise. It is principally a study of the complex interrelationship between mind and phenomena, from the gross to the subtle—the physical, psychic, supersensory and supernal. This entails an explanation of how mind incorporates all phenomena in its modus operandi, and how eventually that mind is liberated from it, thereby becoming awakened.

A Treatise on Mind Outline

  • Volume 1  The “Self” or  “Non-self” in Buddhism
  • Volume 2  Considerations of Mind—A Buddhist Enquiry
  • Volume 3  The Buddha-Womb and the Way to Liberation
  • Volume 4  Maṇḍalas: Their Nature and Development
  • Volume 5  An Esoteric Exposition of the Bardo Thödol (Part A and B)
  • Volume 6  Meditation and the Initiation Process
  • Volume 7  The Constitution of Shambhala (Part A and B)

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