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The Revelation: Volume 1


The Revelation Volume One is the first book of the series presenting basic postulates concerning an Esoteric interpretation of concepts such as: God, the question of evil, the nature of karma, the function of energy, Initiation into the Mysteries of Being, the nature of the Christ, and the reappearance process of the Hierarchy of Light. This doctrine concerns the way of evolution of transcendent perception by humanity, the development of the consciousness-aspect of all Kingdoms of Nature. Specifically, the similarity between Buddhism and esoteric Christianity is elaborated upon, showing how they are really aspects of the one Teaching.

350 pages, softcover  ©1989


Most of us have asked what the purpose of human evolution is, how humanity came to be, and what exactly constitutes its real or fundamental nature. It is a question that few have had the ability to answer rightly. The nature of humanity was always an enigma, and was communicated to us in the form of riddles, such as that of the Sphinx, and the analysis of the number of the “beast”, which is the “number of man” (Rev. 13:18). We were asked to solve the riddles by whatever means we had at our disposal. It concerned an intense inner inquiry or self-analysis, and was intricately interwoven with the problem of pain and suffering, which became the impetus for self-discovery.

From a religious point of view, this necessitates a re-examination of the information contained in the Bible, which is the major religious/philosophic dispensation in the West. The philosophy presented is drawn from many of the world’s religious systems, as well as from scientific discovery, for all are really parts of the one universal embrace seeking the enlightenment of humanity.

The information presented in the New Testament relating to the prophecy of the “second coming” of the Christ and the Revelation He is to bring concerns the unfoldment of such understanding. This book endeavours to explain this in detail, and to analyse and define the full implications of that which is expressive of Divinity.

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