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Universal Dharma Publishing is a not for profit publisher. Our aim is make innovative, original and esoteric spiritual teachings accessible to all who genuinely aspire to awaken and serve humanity. The books published aim in part to provide an esoteric interpretation of the meaning of Buddhist dharma with view of reformation of the way people perceive the meaning of the related teachings. Hopefully then Buddhism can more effectively serve its principal function as a vehicle for enlightenment, and further prosper into the future. A further aim is to provide the next level of exposition of the esoteric doctrines to be revealed to humanity following on the wisdom tradition pioneered by H.P. Blavatsky and A.A. Bailey.

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  • This book endeavours to integrate the concepts gleaned through modern physics with those of the esotericist, hence with the lore derived from meditative penetration of high dimensions of perception. This incorporates the nāḍī and chakra system, via which all phenomena is derived, and of the nature of the projection of thought-forms from the subjective domains to the phenomenal world. This book consequently endeavours to show how the laws discovered by physicists derive from those of the subjective universe. Many abstruse ideas therefore need to be discussed which the scientifically minded are unaware, as well as unfamiliar concepts for most religionists and philosophers. Hopefully this syncretic approach will evoke many revelations in all these schools of thought. Readers should not dismiss the ideas presented out of hand, but rather should rationalise what is logically correct as a valid basis for further research and enquiry into the origin and nature of things. 604 pages, softcover  ©2020 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
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  • The Constitution of Shambhala - Part B

    The theme of the first of the two parts of this volume concerns the feminine deva hierarchy, their relation to Hierarchy and Shambhala. Many concepts are introduced that most seekers have little cognisance (e.g., the nature of the deva Lord Varuna). The Mother of the World’s role is revealed, and the feminine function in cosmos, (e.g., the Pleiades). Advanced teaching concerning the Lord of the World (Sanat Kumāra), and the higher Initiations are provided. The second part is a long esoteric poem detailing many inner plane revelations concerning the type of vision obtained when accessing Shambhala, plus Initiation teachings for disciples.   592 pages, softcover  ©2018 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • The Constitution of Shambhala - Part A

    The subject of Shambhala (the planetary Head centre, or theistically, the kingdom of ‘God’) has been previously veiled in such texts as the Kālachakra Tantra, but the true esoteric lore has only been provided gradually, first tentatively through the works of Blavatsky, and then in greater detail via Alice Bailey’s writings. This volume continues along this vein, presenting far more detail concerning this kingdom, and also of the Hierarchy of enlightened being (the planetary Heart centre) than hitherto revealed. A considerable compendium of revelation and esoteric knowledge is presented for the world’s esotericists to digest and the enlightened to expand upon.   570 pages, softcover  ©2017 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • The Buddha-Womb and the Way to Liberation

    This volume resolves the ontology from the two previous volumes concerning the concept of a ‘subtle self’. First a commentary of the Tantra Great Gates of Diamond Liberation, that presents detailed information concerning the nature of some important chakras: the Heart, Throat, Diaphragm, and Splenic centres I and II. This adds to what was earlier provided on the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base of Spine centres. However the focus of the book concerns the attributes of the Sambhogakāya Flower, utilising The Uttaratantra of Maitreya and the Buddha’s testimony, thus revealing an esoteric doctrine that has been veiled in Buddhist scriptures.
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      562 pages, softcover  ©2016 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**