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Universal Dharma Publishing is a not for profit publisher. Our aim is make innovative, original and esoteric spiritual teachings accessible to all who genuinely aspire to awaken and serve humanity. The books published aim in part to provide an esoteric interpretation of the meaning of Buddhist dharma with view of reformation of the way people perceive the meaning of the related teachings. Hopefully then Buddhism can more effectively serve its principal function as a vehicle for enlightenment, and further prosper into the future. A further aim is to provide the next level of exposition of the esoteric doctrines to be revealed to humanity following on the wisdom tradition pioneered by H.P. Blavatsky and A.A. Bailey.

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  • The 'Self' or 'Non-self' in Buddhism

    A cogent reinterpretation of many of the key arguments of Mahāyāna philosophy, providing new insights in relation to the question of what a ‘self’ may or may not be, relativistically perceived as an I-consciousness in light of the doctrine of the Void (śūnyatā). The major classical logic relating to such things as the Two Truths, Dependent Origination, the Sevenfold Reasoning, are properly examined by presenting an esoteric view (the Dharmakāya Way) that represents the middle way between extremes. In doing so many concepts are modernised and inherent errors expunged via the presentation of a new valid hermeneutic.
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      474 pages, softcover  ©2016 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • Considerations of Mind - A Buddhist Enquiry

    This volume primarily focuses upon the Yogācāra-Vijñānavādin concepts of mind and its means of expression such as the various consciousnesses, the nature of the bījas, and the ālayavijñāna. From this basis, related topics such as the nature of light, the simile of a river with respect to the flow of a consciousness-stream, and the nāḍīs that convey prāṇas, are explored. This allows consideration of the attributes of time and certain chakras that exist below the diaphragm. The ‘soul’ concept then comes into view and its relation to śūnyatā is revealed.
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      422 pages, softcover  ©2016 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • The Buddha-Womb and the Way to Liberation

    This volume resolves the ontology from the two previous volumes concerning the concept of a ‘subtle self’. First a commentary of the Tantra Great Gates of Diamond Liberation, that presents detailed information concerning the nature of some important chakras: the Heart, Throat, Diaphragm, and Splenic centres I and II. This adds to what was earlier provided on the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base of Spine centres. However the focus of the book concerns the attributes of the Sambhogakāya Flower, utilising The Uttaratantra of Maitreya and the Buddha’s testimony, thus revealing an esoteric doctrine that has been veiled in Buddhist scriptures.
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      562 pages, softcover  ©2016 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • A Treatise on Mind: Volume 4


    Maṇḍalas - Their Nature and Development

    This book deals with the question of what exactly constitutes a `cell’ metaphysically. The cell is viewed as a unit of consciousness that interrelate with other cells to form maṇḍalas of expression. Each such cell can be considered a form of `self’ that has a limited, though valid, body of expression. It is born, sustains a form of activity, and consequently dies when it outlives its usefulness. This mode of analysis is extended to include the myriad forms manifest in the world of phenomena known as saṃsāra including the existence and functioning of chakras. **Valid for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - enter coupon code TOMFREE in your cart** 480 pages, softcover  ©2013 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • An Esoteric Exposition of the Bardo Thödol Part A

    This book explores chapter 5 of the Bardo Thödol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) titled 'The Spiritual Practice entitled Natural Liberation of Habitual Tendencies'. This text incorporates a detailed exposition of the transformation of saṃskāras (consciousness attributes developed through past activity) into enlightenment attributes. This book provides a solid foundation to understanding the force centres (chakras) and the way their powers (siddhis) awaken. The ten stages of the evolution of consciousness are illustrated in correspondence with the doctrine of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities and how they contribute to the Initiation process.
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      482 pages, softcover  ©2015 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • An Esoteric Exposition of the Bardo Thödol Part B

    Part A dealt with the process of conversion of saṃskāras into enlightenment attributes, whereas part B explains the nature of those attributes in terms of the natural radiance of the Clear Light of Mind. The various aspects of the conversion of mind into Mind are explicated in this exploration of chapter 4 of the Bardo Thödol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead), titled ‘Natural Liberation through Naked Perception’. This ground-breaking study explains the importance of the Throat and Heart chakras in generating and transmitting attributes of Mind, as well as the zodiacal implications. It also shows how the sections of the two chapters are correlated in one complete thesis of praxis and result.
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      220 pages, softcover  ©2015 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • A Treatise on Mind: Volume 6


    Meditation and the Initiation Process

    This book provides practical background information and teachings on meditation primarily for a Western audience. Through meditation, compassionately focused actions, and group sharing the Heart centre is awakened and Bodhicitta is manifested. For this to occur the development of wisdom is essential. The associated process concerning the path of Initiation into the Mysteries of being/non-being, the laws of group evolution, and the planetary Head centre (Shambhala) shall be provided. The subtleties of the Initiation path will be revealed through an esoteric interpretation of passages from the Bible, as the New Testament constitutes a major text on this subject. This philosophy is complimentary to the Buddhist foundation presented in the previous volumes of this series.
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      432 pages, softcover  ©2014 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • The Constitution of Shambhala - Part A

    The subject of Shambhala (the planetary Head centre, or theistically, the kingdom of ‘God’) has been previously veiled in such texts as the Kālachakra Tantra, but the true esoteric lore has only been provided gradually, first tentatively through the works of Blavatsky, and then in greater detail via Alice Bailey’s writings. This volume continues along this vein, presenting far more detail concerning this kingdom, and also of the Hierarchy of enlightened being (the planetary Heart centre) than hitherto revealed. A considerable compendium of revelation and esoteric knowledge is presented for the world’s esotericists to digest and the enlightened to expand upon.   570 pages, softcover  ©2017 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • The Constitution of Shambhala - Part B

    The theme of the first of the two parts of this volume concerns the feminine deva hierarchy, their relation to Hierarchy and Shambhala. Many concepts are introduced that most seekers have little cognisance (e.g., the nature of the deva Lord Varuna). The Mother of the World’s role is revealed, and the feminine function in cosmos, (e.g., the Pleiades). Advanced teaching concerning the Lord of the World (Sanat Kumāra), and the higher Initiations are provided. The second part is a long esoteric poem detailing many inner plane revelations concerning the type of vision obtained when accessing Shambhala, plus Initiation teachings for disciples.   592 pages, softcover  ©2018 **VIEW PREVIEW PDF HERE**
  • Ahimsa is an inspiring and enlightening book, food for thought for any practicing Buddhist or anyone who is interested in becoming a more compassionate being. As Buddhists and Bodhisattvas we must meditate on the effects of every action and thought we are involved in if we are to resolve all Karma and act with true all embracive compassion for all sentient beings. Ahimsa means ‘harmlessness’, carried out in thought, word or deed. A major precept of Buddhists of all denominations is to practice harmlessness. Such activity is not supposed to be theory, but a practical fact, a sacred pledge (samaya) integrated into the fiber of one’s every mode of conduct on the path to enlightenment and liberation from the samsâra. However, as this text elaborates, all good intent along this line falls flat in the light of the practice condoned by many Buddhists of meat consumption. Harm is thus caused to the animal butchered, to the consumer of the flesh, and to the environment we live in. 152 pages, hardcover  ©2004
  • The Factors Comprising the Formation and Evolution of an Incarnate Being

    Divine Causation Volume One traces the process of Causation, or Creation, as applied by enlightened Minds. This subject is viewed in terms of energy interrelationships and their control, the nature of the unfoldment of Mind, and the Way of making a Causative Agent. All aspects of this complex subject are analysed, and the author weaves highly abstruse information together in a logical, fresh and inspiring manner. 250 pages, softcover  ©1990
  • This book provides esoteric insights into many aspects of Buddhist philosophy. The nature of the karma that governs all phenomenal appearances in the three worlds of samsâra is examined. From basic understandings of karma, the book proceeds to expound the subtle intricacies of the mode of manifestation of all aspects of this basic law. Bodo explains that many traditional beliefs about karma are simplified “truths” that had their genesis in the infancy of humanity’s ability to logically enquire. 290 pages, hardcover  ©2006
  • The Revelation Volume One is the first book of the series presenting basic postulates concerning an Esoteric interpretation of concepts such as: God, the question of evil, the nature of karma, the function of energy, Initiation into the Mysteries of Being, the nature of the Christ, and the reappearance process of the Hierarchy of Light. This doctrine concerns the way of evolution of transcendent perception by humanity, the development of the consciousness-aspect of all Kingdoms of Nature. Specifically, the similarity between Buddhism and esoteric Christianity is elaborated upon, showing how they are really aspects of the one Teaching. 350 pages, softcover  ©1989