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Strip Yourself Bare


. Strip yourself bare From the folly you wear Instead stand attuned To the jewels that you are to shower And become nothing more Than the gift waves of love [...]

Is Religion Good or Evil?


Would you know whence it is that so many false spirits have appeared in the world, who have deceived themselves and others with false fire and false light, laying claim [...]

Administrating Peace


. “Who loses and who wins, who’s in, who’s out— And take upon ‘s the mystery of things As if we were God’s spies. And we’ll wear out In a [...]

There are imposters out there!


Incidentally this astral realm also contains many impostors of divinity, many false prophets, many so called sages that are ever willing to inspire or to give information to anyone that [...]

Why do we Meditate?


Don’t get lost in too much worldly māyā, the important thing in life is meditation, the important thing in life is that which produces liberation of your mind, expansion of [...]

Topic 12 – Esoteric Astrology


Esoteric astrology is the science of life. The science of being: everything you can imagine can be reduced or put into astrological terminology. This is a far vaster subject than [...]