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A Treatise on Mind: Volume Six


Meditation and the Initiation Process This book provides practical background information and teachings on meditation primarily for a Western audience. Through meditation, compassionately focused actions, and group sharing the Heart [...]

Morya – The Form


Be not attached to the form – it can deform, conform Be fluid, flowing, glowing – but knowing the potency of the incarnation without being attached. To fight with light [...]

Morya – Blast of Truth


Your words are sweet, your heart is true but do not let these things imbibe everything you do. A social conscience will consistently overrule the need for the gentle and [...]

The Masters of Wisdom


Who are the Masters of Wisdom? What makes a master of Wisdom and what do they do? The Hierarchy of Love and Light The Hierarchy of Light, of enlightened [...]

From Koot Humi


  “Grace befits all those who wait” A term(line) you’ve yet to contemplate When in time all is undone Then indeed you are the sun.   Finely woven threads in [...]

Hierarchy’s Path


  Bind yourselves to the sword. Do not dwell, do not quell. Intrinsic deep in heart you’ll find, a strength incomparable, a blinding art to fight. A radiance so sharp, [...]

Principle Source Material


We acknowledge the wisdom from an array of spiritual and religious sources. Our teachings are based upon integrating and synthesising the best from all philosophies and religions. We perceive all [...]

Shambhala and Hierarchy Illustrated


To become residents of Shambhala is a natural goal of all who are following the way of the Bodhisattva bhūmis, whilst the highest bhūmis necessarily incorporates residence at Shambhala. The [...]