Shambhala and Hierarchy Illustrated


To become residents of Shambhala is a natural goal of all who are following the way of the Bodhisattva bhūmis, whilst the highest bhūmis necessarily incorporates residence at Shambhala. The [...]

The Science of Enlightenment


Essentially esoteric astrology is the science of Enlightenment, what happens on the path to Enlightenment. If one was looking at a chart of a disciple one would look at the [...]

The Meditation Mind


In meditation – we walk and meditate all the time so we don’t really have to sit 24 hours like some of the great yogis had to do in seclusion [...]

Why do we Meditate?


Don’t get lost in too much worldly māyā, the important thing in life is meditation, the important thing in life is that which produces liberation of your mind, expansion of [...]

The Revelation – Volume Three


By Bodo Balsys Paperback, 315 pages, 20.5cm x 14cm. Published 1989 This volume of The Revelation presents the more practical aspects of the Teachings. It describes how one can actually [...]

Topic 11 – The Way of Meditation


When people ask about meditation they need to define why they are interested in meditation. Meditation is not merely a practice, though there are manifold forms. Meditation is a progressive [...]