Foundation Series

//Foundation Series

Topic 3 – Karma and Reincarnation


Karma is the Law that binds and balances the entire universe. Translated literally the Sanskrit term karma means action, which then produces reaction. It affects civilisations, nations, races, groups, individuals [...]

Topic 4 – Life after Death


What we term "life" can be viewed as an opportunity for the indwelling Soul to gain certain types of experiences. Such experiences eventually equip one with the inherent wisdom enabling [...]

Topic 5 – Psychic Phenomena


This topic involves the sum-total of astral plane phenomena; the field of phenomena that psychics are involved in. This incorporates such things as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathic abilities, channeling, fortune telling [...]

Topic 7 – The Law of Love


The Law of Love is the path of sacrificing one’s own desires for the salvation of others, known in Buddhism as the Bodhisattva path. This is the way of evolutionary [...]

Topic 8 – The Chakras


The existence of seven major psychic centres (chakras) are promulgated in all important meditation texts. They govern the sum of manifest life, together with the vital body from which the [...]

Topic 9 – Esoteric Healing


Esoteric Healing is a multidisciplined science involving an understanding of energy rays, karma, psychology, physiology, the chakras and etheric body among others. In esoteric healing, the healing of the physical [...]

Topic 11 – The Way of Meditation


When people ask about meditation they need to define why they are interested in meditation. Meditation is not merely a practice, though there are manifold forms. Meditation is a progressive [...]

Topic 12 – Esoteric Astrology


Esoteric astrology is the science of life. The science of being: everything you can imagine can be reduced or put into astrological terminology. This is a far vaster subject than [...]