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Concerns of a student re some videos using Bailey material on Youtube

Sometimes all is not what it seems Psychological tactics of [...]

Thoughts on Alice Bailey and the Sutras of Patanjali

It is beneficial to note that, while reading or listening [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume Three

The Buddha-Womb and the Way to Liberation This volume resolves [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume Two

Considerations of Mind - a Buddhist Enquiry This volume primarily [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume One

The 'Self' or 'Non-self' in Buddhism A cogent reinterpretation of [...]

A Warning Regarding the Chakras and Energy

The subject of the chakras, kuṇḍalinī and the raising [...]

What is a Deva?

This is a short video introducing the concept of [...]

A Treatise on Mind: Volume Six

Meditation and the Initiation Process This book provides practical background [...]

Modern Society and its Alternatives

Creating a better society is a difficult undertaking.  For thousands [...]

Vegetarian Diet in the 21st Century

Recently there were in-depth discussions between our Teacher and some [...]

The Mysteries of Initiation

This is an introductory class given by Bodo Balsys from [...]

The Masters of Wisdom

Who are the Masters of Wisdom? What makes a [...]